A organization designed specifically for people that are not "normal"
I am a certified member of the Special People's Club!
by Tamy August 18, 2003
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Criminals who engage in smuggling Down's Syndrome people on rickety boats into Australia, from Mongolia.

This traffic of special people is caused by Mongolian doctors looking to cure the condition by the application of high voltage to the body. The special people usually find this to be painful so they seek refugee status in Australia.

Arrival on Australian shores results in mandatory detention until they are assessed by immigration officials. Most special people are sent back to Mongolia.
Special People Smugglers were intercepted off the Australian coast. The cargo of special people were put in detention until they were deported back to Mongolia.
by amulet_1972 October 29, 2009
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God's special people is another word for retards, it mostly refers to jocks, or cavemen.

These people falsely believe that they are above you in every way just because their muscle mass (in stone) exceeds their IQ and can administer gang beatings whenever they like.

Later in life these will be the people that serve you your food and have to get used to calling you 'sir'.
god's special people are destined to come to a dead end in life, but hey, at least they are better at throwing a ball around than all the other idiots in the box company/(insert monotonous dead end job)!

"yeah, i coulda gone pro, if only i wasn't a complete knobend and only good at this sport when i play people much smaller than me"
by hex_ten January 30, 2006
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