bing bing (n.) the equivalency of one (1) United States dollar.
Man, these rims cost me thirty - five hundred bing bings.
by Soof doggy dogg June 19, 2004
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a linguistic expression used to make a request for what is commonly known as taking a rip, doing a bonghit, having a pull, etc. theoretically, also could be viewed not merely as a request but as an observation of the other person's desire to comply with the request given. A different intonation pattern (often a raised pitch near the end of the sentence) can often suggest that the objective would like to smoke cannabis through a water pipe. also used as an interrogative when questioning ambiguously. several inflections apply. its also a noun used to describe a colored glass bowl of cannabis, its self.
bill - "hey bing?"

fred- "no thanks bill, maybe later"
by spasmelodic October 3, 2009
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another racist slang word, to call a asian person.
omg micheal chieu has bingbing eyes.
by xbingstax June 8, 2005
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Phrase used to refer to fresh off the boat asians.
Did you see the Bing Bing during math class today? He finished the problem so quickly.
by Ching Ming WangUn III November 17, 2017
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Bing is Microsoft's attempt to create a search engine, but it is mainly used to search for Google, the only good search engine.
by Meepster March 18, 2015
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Search engine used to find Google.

Most common search. "Google"
Fuck, Internet Explorer only uses Bing, and I need Google.
Lets search Bing for Google.
by EgilF January 19, 2016
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