straying from what is, or is thought of as the normal
motha fucker the way you talk is fuckin aberrant(different)
by shanxxx the exorcist July 31, 2005
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something unusual, different from the norm.
We considered our defeat to be an aberration since we'd easily beaten this team last season.
by Razbearie October 9, 2020
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Extreme public display of bad taste in dressing, with loud and clashing colors.

Aberration. Psychology: A disorder or abnormal alteration in one's mental state.
Chromatic aberration should be taxed. No one should be allowed to assault others with such a display of extreme bad taste.
Laura is almost a perfect woman, beautiful and loaded, but she is an acute and embarrassing case of chromatic aberration.
by rperazag May 4, 2010
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A major glitchy effect in editing videos that can suggest the presence of something otherworldly or affecting the broadcast. Often used as an editing choice in order to add spookiness or perhaps hidden details to the underlying story of a medium such as a show, movie, or ARG.
The red chromatic aberration in this one shot, given the context, suggests some type of arcane influence the character is under.

Markiplier's 3 Scary Games series uses a lot of chromatic aberration to showcase the spooky side of certain characters and their intentions.
by Steph Lopod May 25, 2021
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The Moderator+ on UltimisMC or you can say hax on Moderator cuz they are a god pvp'er. They aren't Toxic but when someone accuse they have /moote perms ;-; SrMod soon or never
1. Omg, Aberrant Maryo.. We are dead.
2. Ahh Fuck, Maryo will now mute us. ;-;
by 5lOq January 4, 2022
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The name of Maryo is usually refered to as an aberrant naming therefore Maryo is Aberrant leading towards Aberrant Maryo
Look at Aberrant Maryo isnt he such a cute discord mod ?
by Aberrant Maryo January 4, 2022
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While doing something, to realize, through an epiphany, that it is meaningless/retargerous, and therefore abandon the project before it turns into a Frankenstein nightmare
by Sexydimma August 13, 2016
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