Well mannered player of Warcraft III, and member of the gamers clan. Usually well-mannered, mostly due to his lack of skill.
Simplistic sure is nice...but he needs to get some skillz
by Adict June 11, 2003
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The right mix of simple-to-use and sophisticated.
This new e-bike I just got is so simplisticated. It's easy to use, but also does all of this other neat stuff a normal bike can’t do.
by anthumb May 20, 2022
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When something is easy and sophisticated, but not basic or overly complex.
I think our relationship is simplisticated and that’s perfect for me.
by anthumb May 24, 2022
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The act of making something easier, but with a good amount of depth.
I tried to simplisticate my evening routine with smart lighting all around the living room.
by anthumb May 24, 2022
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That new video game I played was totally simplisticated. It was easy to pick up, but it was also well-designed so I really enjoyed it.
by anthumb May 20, 2022
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It's opposite of complicated. To have something so simple it's to simple.
This evening just got so much more simplisticated now that I have nothing to do.
by DuhBomb December 26, 2009
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Doing it the easiest way possible, keep it simple Stupid KISS METHOD. No unnecessary steps to be taken i.e., gift cards instead of looking for the perfect gift that’s not perfection or perfect let them pick it out. Eliminate stress from your life due to unnecessary decisions, issues, concerns.
Simplist : I buy gift cards to make it easy for me
by Bunt Jones December 25, 2019
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