SJW is an acronym that acts as a placeholder for SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR. It is primarily used to reference an individual or individuals that exhibit extreme or overly emotional behavior in an attempt to sway social, cultural, and/or political policy. It can also be in reference to that individual using methodical and malicious tactics in order to silence or defame those that disagree with their particular ideology. Commonly, someone who is labeled an SJW would also justify this behavior via a feeling that they themselves or the social group they identify with are being victimized by an oppressor.
Those spiteful SJW 's took to Twitter and reported every tweet that they disagreed with, claiming every last one was an act of hate speech.
by TheAncientApatheticSeahorse April 23, 2022
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sjw is an acronym for 'social justice warrior'. it used to have a positive meaning, because social justice is a good thing, right? but, it seems to offend racist, sexist or homophobic people that they can't get away with hating other people for no reason whatsoever, so they took a classic example of a 'white feminist' (a person who does not include other oppressed groups in their 'feminism') and started calling them sjws, even though that's not the real meaning of the word. words that are frequently associated with the racist,homophobic, sexist definition of a sjw are triggered and such, even though they are as misinterpreted as sjw. in other words, this version of the term is created by people who have nothing else to do with their life than make a false image of the people who are trying to do something good.
someone: lmao i'm not homophobic but honestly gay people are disgusting lol
sjw: pls stop calling people disgusting because they lov-
by goodoldfashionedlovergirl March 26, 2019
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a word people use as an insult, when they get called out on their prejudice and have no good defense.
"All women are gold-diggers."
"Hey, what's with the generalization?"
"Oh, shut up, no one likes a SJW."
by jennn099 July 5, 2020
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someone you cant have a sane argument. disagree with them and you know you're going to get a lot of emotional overacting. the second you tell them that you dont agree with something they believe in, they will launch a series of personal attacks on you only after giving a wide range of nonsensical arguments. SJWs are not to be confused with feminists or classic liberals. the latter is trying to actually fight for social justice along with which they have respect for the people who dont agree with them
john : "i got into an argument with an SJW"
adam: "oh what was the argument about?"
john: "i was talking about how women-"
adam: "oh yea, i see where it went wrong"
by S C A R R E D February 20, 2023
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SJW is an acronym for "social justice warrior". SJWs are internet content creators whose content often revolves around issues in our society, sadly, these internet content creators are doing it for clout instead of awareness/acceptance. SJWs will post about the difficulties that minorities face every day, but will shout slurs at minorities when not faced by a camera. You can easily spot an SJW if they are a white person with a ukelele or a self-proclaimed "dancer" that posts almost every hour. when Another term for SJW is "performative activist".
Person 1: I heard news of Charli D'amelio saying the n-word
Person 2: Didn't she have BLM as her profile pic in her TikTok?
Person 1: Fucking SJW
by ifuckinghatethehypehouse April 9, 2021
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an emotional fuck who doesn't know they're one
SJW: I'm not an SJW*cries a pool
Smart person: Yes, you are. Now grow the fuck up.
by suck_my_d33 June 28, 2021
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