Anyone who blindly follows Trump.
"Jim sold his pick-up truck to the guy in the trailer next to his so he could go to the Trump rally. Fucking Trumpanzee."
by ruggedzero March 18, 2016
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(noun) a fanatical follower of Donald J. Trump and his campaign for president. Typically irrational, always biased. Trumpanzee is a compound word borrowing from his name and the common wild chimpanzee. Trumpanzees will often be reduced to primitive mob behavior seen among troops of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. When challenged they will group together howling and shrieking. When that doesn't chase off the subject the Trumpanzees will coordinate attacks with one flank advancing while the other flank flings copious amounts of fresh poo. Rain gear, boots, gloves and a full face shield should be worn when venturing into a Trumpanzee enclosure.
Rational person #1: So I hear Donald Trump is holding a rally downtown tonight.
Rational person #2: Yeah, the streets will be teeming with Trumpanzees by 8 o'clock.
Trumpanzee streaking past: Trump!Trump!Trump!USA!USA! You're a fuckin liberal! TrumpTrumpTrump!
Rational person #2: See?

Rational person #1: Mhm.
by johnoneillnyc April 24, 2016
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The etymology of the word is traced back to 2016 U.S presidential election.

During the primary and the general election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was beleaguered by controversy surrounding the FBI investigation of the use of her private email server. At the same time, unbeknownst to the world, candidate Trump was a target of an FBI investigation of his own involving Russia. The stark contrast between yelling “Lock her up!” at Trump rallies, and calling the legitimate investigation into Trump a “witch hunt”, became prime example of how some humans are not quite as evolved as the rest, and always choose loyalty to alpha male pack leader over loyalty to truth, thus the term “Trumpanzee” was born.

The term can be used to describe anyone who bury their head in the sand as they spread their buttcheeks and present their rectum to their alpha pack leader to show their intent that they will always choose loyalty to their master over loyalty to truth. Director of the FBI James Comey was fired in May 2017 after resisting President alpha master god Trump’s repeated demands to take off his pants and get on all fours.

In the wild, trumpanzees are typically seen wearing cowboy boots or flannel shirt, with a pinch between their lower lip and gum that makes them look like chimpanzees. They are indigenous species of trailor parks scattered across southern United States, and are considered invasive species anywhere else (especially Canada but you won’t find them in Mexico).
Wow.... I can’t believe Bob just came out of nowhere and started taking Jim’s side without even knowing what happened. It’s probably a coincidence that Jim is popular and Bob would suck his toes to be in his circle right? What a trumpanzee. I hope he gets cuckolded by Jim one day because that’s what he deserves.
by R. LeBeau May 21, 2018
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An ignorant Donald Trump Supporter. A Portmanteau, of the words Trump and Chimpanzee used to ridicule Trump supporters.
You love Trump? You ignorant Trumpanzee!
by Manolo Cartegeña March 25, 2017
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noun a person who blindly believes everything the tangerine tribble says . They will typically be right wing Christian conservatives who think women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen . They often subscribe to the belief that anyone who is not whiter than wonder bread should go back where they came from even if that is their own country. Most are fans of Professional Wrestling and believe it is legitimate and real like the tangerine toddler . They believe that there should not be abortions but think any kind of gun control to keep people from shooting up kids that are here is the worst thing ever. Most of all they think any criticism of Donald Trump is akin to blasphemy and that anyone who does so should be hung for treason.
Did you see the Trumpanzees on Fox News sticking up for that mysoginistic pedophile motherfucker
by DeMoneyRS August 23, 2019
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1: Trump supporter/follower. 2: a conservative person who embodies the worst traits of humanity.
The Trumpanzees are running the monkey house now.
by Frobisher Preen December 17, 2020
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