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Specifically: A supporter of Donald J. Trump.

More generally: A person of caveman type intellect who follows lies and simplistic ideas, even when the truth would serve him or her better.
I can't believe he actually paid me to rent the Brooklyn Bridge. Only a trumpanzee would be that naive.
by Qbie February 24, 2018

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A nun who has lost her virginity, usually through sexual intimacy with another member of the Clergy, but who carries on with her duties as if she were chaste.
Joe: "Man, that babe is hot. I wish she weren't a nun."
Dan: "No worries, man. I hear she's a deflowered nun."
by Qbie November 05, 2014

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The act of dating remotely during a pandemic, often characterized by self-gratification during online encounters.
Willie: Hey man, how's it going with Sally?
Johnny: Great, we've started masturdating. It's way better than online porn.
by Qbie March 25, 2020

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