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An irrational creature prone to wild overreaction, rattling its cage at the slightest provocation and indiscriminately flinging its faeces around until everything is covered in excrement.
(That is the original definition from the person who coined the term)
"The devout Trumpanzee is immune to fact or evidence caring only for the unintelligible howls of the tribe's Alpha male"
by The Angry Baboon December 06, 2017
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A fully respecting, unquestioning, loyal republican to Donald Trump.
These people get triggered at even the slightest negative thing towards him.
Gosh dang it. These Trumpanzee's keep watching my every post
by xX_Boss_Xx October 19, 2017
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an irrational and irritable assclownish beast that is completely immunized {hannitized magatized} to logic-or-reason, any-and-all negative facts-or-evidence concerning Trump, and remains a devout and mindless supporter of the buffoon.
Like turds in a public Porta-Potty, Trumpanzees agglomerate in large putrid piles at Trump rallies.
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by Eppypotamus June 19, 2019
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a blind Trump supporter who gets triggered just by the mention of Trump in bad light. similar to SJW's of the right-wing.
"Wow! There are so many dislikes on this YouTube video"
"Dude, this video critical of Trump. It must be the work of the Trumpanzees"
by sader June 11, 2017
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Specifically: A supporter of Donald J. Trump.

More generally: A person of caveman type intellect who follows lies and simplistic ideas, even when the truth would serve him or her better.
I can't believe he actually paid me to rent the Brooklyn Bridge. Only a trumpanzee would be that naive.
by Qbie February 26, 2018
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A Trumpanzee is a mindless follower and believer of Donald Trump. Observe these primitive creatures from a safe distance, as they are known to attack. Trumpanzee's are un-evolved members of society known for nonsensical, sexist, racist, and inflammatory remarks. Their low intelligence makes them impervious to facts, and they seem to have an affinity to HUGE walls. - -Do not engage - -
"FOX NEWS is showing some Trumpanzee's attacking a guy at a Trump rally . It is scary, but fascinating to watch them go Ape-Sh*t!!"
by eight675three09 July 20, 2016
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A person who has a blind, cult-like admiration of and devotion to the worst President in American history, Donald Trump. Trumpanzees verbally attack people who contradict their narrow outlook on life. If you argue reasonably against Trump's racist, xenophobic and misogynistic politics, you are called a snowflake. If you mention anything you've read in The New York Times or have seen on CNN, Trumpanzee would label it fake news.

Trumpanzees tend to be fat, pasty-faced high school dropouts who:
Live in the suburbs of Palookaville;
Read the National Enquirer and some fake news site that blames Obama for America's problems;
Watch Fox News, Maury, Jerry Springer and NASCAR;
Either work part-time at McDonald's or fake illness for a monthly check from the government;
Use bad grammar and frequent f-words on social media - then call other people idiots;
Pop out future McDonald's workers, carnies, pole and lap dancers, baby mamas and daddies, and other useless people; and
Often have a trailer full of kids with different fathers.

Trumpanzees are also known for their low IQs, almost laughable devotion to God, and getting their 15 minutes of fame on the People of Walmart website wearing either ridiculous clothes or nothing at all.
Somebody needs to build a wall around that trailer park outside town. Those Trumpanzees are a bigger threat to America than those Mexicans that the fat orange orangutan in Washington keeps talking about.
by The Real Canadian May 04, 2017
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