an excessive reaction; a reaction with inappropriate emotional behavior
One fan's overreaction: "I never thought that anyone who would pay for subscription to this board would be fair weather fans...So for those of you who are not willing to support your team when they need you the most...all I can say is ...Please do not tell anyone you are real fans...and you can all go straight to HELL."
by Rivals Junkie April 20, 2006
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Overreacting is when you are making the problem bigger than it is and you need to calm down
Bill is Overreacting. He needs to calm down
by Fkekkfjkr April 14, 2020
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When someone overreacts to everything.
My dad is so overreactive. I can't even explain to him the medical uses of marijuana without him calling me a pothead.
by ntp479 July 23, 2014
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When someone is misunderstood into thinking pewdiepie is racist and supports t-series just cause they come from India and they are Indian not trying to bring up racism cause I am Indian but literally everyone is a bit racist I mean if someone from a diffrent race walked down in your country let’s say their isn’t really much of that race in the country you would feel weird
Stop it with your overreaction don’t try to kill pewdiepie idiot
by Retardedlolifan October 4, 2019
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The group of people who inevitably make a huge deal out of something that is either innocuous, or attempting to be humorous.
Did you see that article the ASPCA posted about the giraffe fighting rings? That is not funny! It is disgusting and I am going to form an Overreaction Faction with my other hippie friends!!!
by MxRacer February 3, 2011
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When one over overreacts to something that is minuscule in nature or unimportant to anyone or anything, ever. Or even making up their own crap and adding their own reaction for it and taking it to an extreme for no actual purpose.
by Camera Face March 14, 2019
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No... I'm pretty sure I'm UNDERreacting. Pretty sure I should be in prison for ridding the world of some crippled filth and drowning a whore... Or hell after doing all that and jumping off a bridge
Hym "No I'm not overreacting. This a pretty extreme underreaction to retard sex cult/weaponized schizophrenia/robbed by Todd Phillips... And a bunch of comedians... Somebody should've got lit on fire for this. Specifically, a retarded bitch should've got lit on fire for this. What a waste... Can't kill myself without being a hypocrite so I'm basically trapped here... Should be snorting cocaine offa Laby Gaga's fat ass right now... This is shit... Straight dog-shit..."
by Hym Iam May 10, 2023
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