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A superior piece of medieval siege weaponry which is capable of hurling ninety kilogram projectiles over a distance of three hundred metres using a one-tonne counterweight. Capable of smashing castle walls with ease, unlike those inferior catapults.
Plebeian: The catapult is the best piece of siege weaponry in history.
Dominus: Can it hurl 90kg projectiles over 300m using a counterweight?
Plebeian: No...
Dominus: Then the trebuchet is vastly superior.
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by AVeryMadIrishman November 14, 2016
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A category of hurling device (catapult), consisting of a large beam, a sling, a counterwieght, and a frame. The beem is mounted to the frame by an axle about 1/3rd to 1/5th from one end. A sling is attached to the long end of this beam and a counterweight to the shorter end. The machine is then cocked by pulling the longer end of the beam or throwing arm downward and locking it with some sort of trigger system. Upon release, the counterweight pulls on the short end of the beam causing the long end to swing upward and forward, followed by the sling. The sling then releases the projectile and hurls it toward the unfortunate target, whatever it may be.
"My trebuchet killed Ms. Johnson's cat."
"Freakin' sweet! Can I borrow it sometime?"
by bfesser August 02, 2005
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The act of removing a mans underwear whilst he has an erection. As the waistband slides down the erect penis, the penis will abruptly fly up, smacking the man in the stomach like a medieval catapult or "trebuchet."
Katie took Clays pants off so fast his trebuchet scared the shit out of her.
by claberdy May 04, 2011
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When a man gets an erection and proceeds to take an applejack and place it on the tip of his penis and flings it as the girl is postured up with her vagina at your head.
"Ya bro I gave her Trebuchet"
by Hxc909 January 02, 2010
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A big fat ass wooden thing that shoots rocks really fast. Looks like a catapault only cooler, and it has crazy ropes and stuff
I killed you with my big fuckin trebuchet... HUZZAH!
by Logz0r March 15, 2004
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this retarded wooden piece of crap catapult built by schillywilly. youre supposed to be able to launch things with it, but when you try to shoot a brick it just comes crashing back down , causing the trebuchet to break into a million schmelly pieces. so then you need to burn it because its worthless.
'im going to launch my volvo with the trebuchet....WEEEEEEAARRRRRRGHHHHHH BOOM.'

'what? the trebuchet? oh its at eric's house. i'll call him to get it back.....hello, eric? can i have my trebuchet back? what! youre in pakistan?! ok, well i guess i'll get it when you get back in 6 weeks. bye'
by schilly willy November 16, 2005
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A trebuchet is a medeival wooden sling used to kill people. it hurls rocks that could really hurt if it hit you.
Trebuchets are fun till you get hit!
by catapault lock May 08, 2006
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