Having a big juicy ass, or being a complete slob, fat and sad
Jon: man , Elizabeth has a big fat ass....
Tyler: yeah i know, it's juicy right?
by RedHeadedMadam March 12, 2014
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it means your pussy is so fat and juicy.
hey is your pussy fat

yes i got that big fat ass pur
by Kiley Anderson May 26, 2021
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Being Hisokas ass is very nice, it smells like old crusty clothes. He has a very big plastic dildo. (dildo means plastic penis)
Btw Hi Maddy i hope you see this :) anyways. Hisoka and illumi are lovers. LOVERS. have a good day :)
I want to eat Hisokas big fat ass :)
by Hisokaspussy November 16, 2020
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when ur in a bus and its really packed and your walking through the aisle and ur backpack and butt is hitting everyone thats sitting down and u say
(walking in bus aisle and butt smacks someone)

Henry: Big Fat Juicy Ass coming trough, look out!
by yonkersdick May 27, 2011
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an ass that would resemble my brothers ass. a big fat sasquatch hairy ass, with lint and shit stuck in all the hair. the hair is usually pointed towards the ass hole, as if it was being sucked in like a black hole
my brother put his big fat linty ass hole on me, and my face smelt like shit for days.
by sneaky nagger April 27, 2006
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