An automotive company from sweden. Also builds some commercial trucks. They may not be the best looking cars to own. However they are by far the safest vehicles you could drive. They also are very reliable and seem to go forever if properly maintained.
Honda owner: Yo my honda is the shiznits and can blow the doors off that box you drive!

Volvo owner: Maybe it could. But im more likely going to be walking away in the event of a crash!
by greatgalkan March 17, 2007
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this is a tank in car clothings. can take all kinds of abuse, even sexualy. you can paint Go Al Quida in big white letters on the side and drive it at a US military patrole in iraq. it would only get a few dents. can also be used as a tractor, snow plow.
US soildier: oh shit its a volvo! i need artillery on my position!!!!! for your lives men!
by mean mother fucker January 10, 2006
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Swedish automobile that will last forever. Pre-2000 they were very boxy, however after being purchased by Ford, their styling is much nicer. Known for having extremely comfortable seats.
My 1997 Volvo 850 GLT has 170k miles on it, has been partially frozen into a lake for a month, and can still go 140 mph. Everything works like the day it was new and it is faster and better looking than most of the ricers on the road.
by I heart beer April 2, 2007
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Originally made as a armored swedish infantry carrier but never used because of the swedes well known neutrality. It was soon converted into a mass produced vehicle commonly driven by soccer moms, teenagers old people and hippies because of its indestructible nature and the fact that none of its users possess the ability to operate a motor vehicle of any sort. known to possess every safety device known to man except for ejector seats and condom dispensors. many are now turbocharged so that their safety features can be used more often. even tho no one has or will ever die in one they all seem to resemble a hearse.
Why do old people drive volvos? havent they lived long enough already?
by Swedish yodeller August 2, 2009
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Car usually driven by movie stars, astronauts, ninjas and super heroes. Drivers of this vehicle usually possess genius level intelligence.
Usually when an owner of a volvo dies they are carried to heaven on a chariot made of gold and chocolate. Once there everyone gives them Hi 5's cause of their taste in cars
This one time i totally watched a klingon drive a volvo over a hippie. It was awesome
by Marty The Defiler July 14, 2005
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Noun - A perfect "sleeper" car, derived from Swedish roots. Very quick when Turbo-charged.
That volvo is an awesome sleeper!
by Jaxx July 7, 2005
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The Name:
Volvo is latin and means "I roll" (revolve),
a fitting name for these durable cars.

The cars are built like tanks because Scandinavians are (were) a pragmatic people prefering reliability instead of flashy features.
Surviver1: How did you survive the nuclear blast above surface!?
Surviver2: I was driving along in my Volvo...
by Slanter April 23, 2005
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