Pertaining to the fact that a female is so bitchy (or freaky),that you don't fuck it. IT fucks YOU.
Hey man, you don't hit it. IT hits YOU.
by Neo2129 June 7, 2003
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Contact someone (via text message, phone call, show up at their door, facebook or other social media, etc.)
by Fergsielicious January 12, 2015
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Responding "k" to someone in a sign of agrivation. Also meaning "whatever".
Guy: Im really sorry, I'll talk to you later though.
Girl: k.
Guy 2: Wow she hit you with that k.
by accurate28 March 19, 2017
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talk to you at some point later
ay yo i'm gonna hit you up later when i charge my celly
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
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n. meaning to return a favour on a later occasion, i.e. borrowing money and paying that person back later.
Let me borrow some ends, I'll hit you back on the 1st, by brotha...
by Crapper McGee March 28, 2004
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When something goes wrong to another person, you wave your pinky. Which is hitting them with the pinky. Makes them more frustrated cause they dont know what it mean or they just feel dumb cause your got your pinky waving in their face. Works.
Pass your friend on the high way after their tire has popped lean out your window & yell "HIT YOU WITH THE PINKY!" they shake there head and look down.
by charles dickens the nines September 1, 2010
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to secretly pay a drug dealer in exchange for illegal drugs
get this base to rodney's niggas, they'll hit you off later
by G-G-G-G Faness October 1, 2005
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