whenm some one is dissed you say killed you
_ya momZ a ho

_oh She jus killed you
by KIKI bitch December 4, 2008
Something pussies who would never kill a damned thing say when they aren't going to do shit but want to sound badass.
Person 1. I'm gonna fucking Kill You.

Person 2. Shut up and go home.

Person 1. Ai'ght....bitch. *Then walks home.
by Mr.Wholesome January 16, 2009
barneys way of saying give me your address .
"get in the van i have candy and i will kill you" barney said
by bonzerhad November 2, 2017
When you tell someone you want to kill them but would like to emphasize it more by adding the classic your face put-down
Some guy: Hey your girlfriend is sitting on my lap.
Boyfriend: Touch her and I'll kill you in the face!
Other people: Laugh hysterically
by Forever27 May 25, 2008
1. a signal that youve done something very very very wrong.

2. the cue to haul ass.

3.a consequence of doing something very very very wrong and you now need to haul ass.
1. "i peed in your pool."
"ill kill you"
2."shit, dude i just got cought by my girlfriends dad."
(shotgun reloading noise) "ILL KILL YOU!!!!!"
by {[M]}{[1]} October 25, 2004
A southern phrase used when you are really pissed off at someone and want to beat them to near death.
by flacker January 19, 2006
Used to express opposition or disagreement by someone who really is powerless to do anything against what you are about to do.

A false threat, unless used by a Hell's Angels during a gang war.
1. I swear I'll kill you if you touch my chocolate bar.
2. I'll kill you if you sleep with my boyfriend.
by Tim_ May 17, 2009