a person completely obseesed by bee movie
Person 1: That peeson is a complete beem
by Gatesby June 11, 2021
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The sound one makes while surprising someone with a quick, friendly pinch of the nipple. May also be used as a verb to refer to the act of pinching someone's nipple. Areas and places on which someone may be pinched in an amusing manner, such as nipples are referred to as "beemables." Also spelled "beam." Different from a purple nurple or titty twister, which are meant to hurt. Beems are completely playful in nature.
(While pinching someone's nipple) "Beem!"
Marie folded her arms to prevent Sebastien from beeming her.
It is well advised to protect your beemables around Jonas. He beems quicker than anyone I've ever known.
by Semolina Pilcher November 12, 2006
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a slang term for weed. weed spelled backwards is deew. if you flip the d and turn the w upside down you get beem.
Hey man, you get the beem yet?
by pathological oneself May 5, 2020
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The act of creating a "beem" (or beam) is when a girls sphincter is excessly huge and gaping during anal copulation.
Beeeeeem! for my man johnson!" - Lexinton Steel
by Lexiton Steel December 26, 2003
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The act of pranking an orphanage with mustard gas.
Guy 1 - "Beem Beem Lmao"

Guy 2 - *Slowly dialing 911*
by MemeBuster3641 October 16, 2020
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Beeme. A combination of "Bee Movie" and "Meme". Nobody truly knows the original creator of this combination of words, although it is believed by many to have originated from a SourceFed video posted Nov 22, 2016. Even though this started ironically it has over time evolved into a construct of memes and people actually enjoying the movie that was such a bad movie that it spread internationally.
"Hey lit fam, did you see the latest Beeme? It was found in the corner of a Buzzfeed article.
by carter.why December 28, 2016
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-Beem Reem- To Be Excited, used to define hot girls, short skirts, usually in a shouting manor. BEEM REEM!! Also used in short: REEM: Used in any form, Reem someone, Been Reemed at work, You would like to Reem Someone. Reem Yourself. In short, this word is used to define whatever the fuck you want. Greet someone with a Friendly BEEM REEM!!
Greeting: Beem Reem!!
Hot Girls: Man I would Beem Reem that Chick~!
Shiity Day at Work: Fuckin Beem Reem of a Day.
party Mode: Beem to the Reem!!!
by -Mex- April 28, 2007
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