Y-shaped device having a loop of elastic attached to the ends of the prongs and used for firing stones, ball bearings or other small objects (cf. slingshot, shanghai)
It is ethically unacceptable to feed an ugly baby with a catapult.
by yorrick hunt January 24, 2008
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when a man is about to ejaculate he pulls his dick back and flings his cum in the face of his partner.
Dustin: Dude i heard you catapulted your girlfriend last night
Brent: your damn right i did she licked it all up off her face
by Johnny whiplash 1994 September 3, 2010
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wen u put ur dick between ur legs and wen the bitch goes to suck it u let it go and it slaps her in the face
i gave the bitch a catapult
by dan c May 20, 2003
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when the male is about to release his fluids, he pulls back his penis and releases as he cums. thus, flinging his genital juices into her face... or any other desirable target.
martin: dude last night i was practicing my long shot!

dan: really what did you get?

martin: 20 feet!!!!

dan: really how did you do that???

martin: I used the catapult!
by martin maxwell July 22, 2006
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The act of dry freezing your semen, breaking it up into pellet size chunks, then flinging it with a plastic spoon. This usually happens after sexual intercourse and the vagina is the most common target. This is NOT an effective way to get your partner pregnant.
Me and Sally were home alone and tried catapulting, she now has bruises in her vagina like a rotten apple.
by Munger 69 May 26, 2015
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Leo got so catapulted last night that his summer was over.
by Chanyla July 20, 2010
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whilst receiving oral pleasure, to apply pressure to the phallus in question and release on the said oral pleasurer\\\\\\\'s face...the catapult
\\\\\\\"I the catapulted that shit.\\\\\\\"
by el jake May 4, 2006
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