A form of cosmetic hats in ROBLOX. They usually cost a lot of Robux, and are really rare to encounter.
Guy 1: Hey Guy 2, is that a Dominus you have?
Guy 2: Yeah! Its a Dominus Astra.
Guy 1: Yo, thats such a rare hat! Nice job getting one!
Guy 2: Thanks!
by Spaoggers April 22, 2020
a person who wanted a peaceful life. ended up ruined by some psychos named ragsimvers. definition not available.
Please. Just leave him alone.
person 1: I think I treated Him too harshly. Maybe I should apologize to Dominus.
person 2: Yeah. Same.
by Not identified. June 20, 2021
Pronounced (rek-toos dom-eh-noos): 1. Latin moniker for one commonly referred to as "ass master."
2. One who reigns supreme over a multitude of "ass masters"
"Rectus Dominus over there said that I have to work late tonight, so I won't be home by 4:20."
by Cootie Brown March 16, 2007
Supreme lord of darkness in the sonic community, master of art piracy, master coder. Known as the digital god of deviance and discord.(Cryllic and Spheeric Digital Mythology). See also Dominus Cyberplague.
Artists beware, the eyes of Dominus Cyberplague are about you. (Artailain saying C.C. 1999)
by Plaagu October 21, 2003
Usually a retard with no life and prefers that of the male gender and us a cuck
by Kevin_1334 April 1, 2020