A person who lacks class. Trashy people exist among all races and socioeconomic levels. Trashy people lack meaningful goals and purpose in life. They are not very concerned with academic subjects, worldly matters, nor culture, but are more amused with unimportant matters and simple activities such as celebrity gossip, shopping for useless merchandise, and excessive partying into late hours. Other than spending money, trashy people smoke and contribute little or nothing to society, which is why they are associated with "trash". Due to low self-esteem and insecurity, trashy people overcompensate and "try too hard". Examples are wearing excessive amounts of make-up, wearing provocative clothing (whether they're in shape or not), driving a vehicle that is excessively large for their needs (e.g. a Hummer), getting drunk and behaving obnoxiously in clubs and bars, yelling at strangers from car windows, making derogatory statements, promiscuity, talking loudly in profane and explicit language in public, and wearing too much perfume that can still never cover up the stink of cigarettes. Although they may think they're cool, most other people find them obnoxious, immature, irresponsible, stupid, stinky, and unattractive.
The cast members of Jersey Shore are trashy.

Richmond Street in Toronto, and rue Crescent in Montreal, are full of clubs and bars frequented by trashy douche bags and hoes.
by chuckybubbles January 09, 2012
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1. Apparently, not being a hyper-elitist yuppie douchebag from the upper middle class or upper class.

2. Apparently, not aspiring to be a hyper-elitist yuppie douchebag from the upper middle class or upper class. (This aspiration is apparently synonymous with "ambition.")

Additionally, definitions like this one tend to get denied by Urban Dictionary while scores of others written by elitist yuppie dipshits who aren't "trashy" get passed with flying colors.
The typical words of someone who isn't "trashy":

"Wow, so-and-so is such a trashy piece of shit because he doesn't wear expensive clothes, listens to loud music, and smokes cigarettes. He didn't even go to a university, so my guess is he watches "Jersey Shore," listens to Nickelback, commits rapes, and can't even spell his name correctly."

Another example:

Nazis were in a big hurry to get rid of all the "trashy" people in Germany at one time. It's probably going to happen here, too.
by VKUltra March 08, 2013
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Trashy people are characterized by a hollow arrogance born out of insecurity. Because deep down they know they are trashy they overcompensate in the following ways:

Trashy women think their bodies are much better than they really are and display a lot of skin, usually muffin top / fupa. They also wear gaudy skimpy clothes, usually too tight to draw attention to themselves. Tattoos can also be part of this.

At work they think they should be running the place after 3 days on the job and in spite of being complete fuckups.

Trashy people people are loud, boastful and have foul mouths in an effort to draw attention to themselves and sound tough.

Trashy people are selfish and not team players. They're only goal is to satisfy their needs and they think nothing of taking advantage of others to get what they want. They think this is the "American Way"

Because they are insecure, trashy people tend to follow the latest trends, no matter how stupid because they want to be accepted.

Trashy women have sex frequently for power and attention.
At the State Fair you see a lot of trashy women wearing lowrider jeans showing their muffintop.
by Angry Shepherd October 12, 2007
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in reference to actual trash, living in a "throw-away" nonspecial, wasteful kind of fashion; a common side effect of modern western living. to live bearing a deeper sense of dissatisfaction, sometimes spiritual, emotional, intellectual

includes inelegant, unenriched kinds of things: junk food, having empty sex, reading celebrity gossip, being drawn to tacky unnecessary products, bright adverts.

to lack appreciation and understanding of deeper beauty, if something is of bad taste and lacks modesty or a refined aesthetic then something is cheap, TRASHY
plastic is the most trashy material

" the fake gold door knobs and the glossy varnished wood and the overbright colours and the plastic flooring is so fucking trashy "

wordart is trashy as fuck

nature is never trashy, the design of nature has serious depth
by fkkroundabout March 26, 2012
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