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Term used to describe South Boston, a part of Boston, MA. Southie is well known for its bars and the Irishmen that live in them.
Man, there sure are a lot of drunken mics here in Southie.
by TM September 13, 2004
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A part of Boston on the Southern End of the City. Home to Castle Island, partially Dotty, and indeed the living place of many mics with a love for liquor.
"I'm Irish, I drink, I scream my disdain for the Yankees when the Red Sox play Philly. Don't tell me I'm from South Boston, I'm from fucking Southie."
by John November 08, 2004
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The common name for South Boston, Massachusetts.

Anyone who has watched the movie "Southie", note that it's really, really inaccurate.

Southie is a mostly Irish working-class neighborhood. But just because it's "blue collar" doesn't mean it's unsafe or run by gangs. On the contrary, it's one of the safer areas in Boston.

And the shore is really nice.
Born and raised in Southie.
by livin in southie August 31, 2009
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The best place in the world AKA gods country.. hated by people that never stood there ground or fought for anything
the idiot who posted above wouldn't survive 1 day in southie
by southie native 1 March 15, 2009
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"South Boston", is a mainly white neighborhood in Boston just south-west of downtown. Although many will claim Southie is going through much positive change and isn't the rough neighborhood it used to be, it's still not the ideal neighborhood to just randomly move to and I'm sure many of the yuppie young professionals will figure that out soon enough. The lower end (West Side) still has some of the roughest projects in Boston and the Irish Mob has shown signs of potential return. Therefore, if you grew up in the suburbs with no connections in Southie, I wouldn't recommend just moving here.
Yuppie #1: Hey we should look into Southie, it's really up and coming
Yuppie #2: Up and coming is tentative, it's still a fairly rough neighborhood
by Howie Winter September 19, 2013
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South Boston - unbeknownst to most historians, this Irish colony actually predated Plimouth by 12 years. However, the Irish, thinking little of the terrain, used it as a retard depository. The practice continues to this day.
Southie is a good place to watch people head-butt eachother.
by Starquioz May 14, 2005
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