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Fake gangsta
btw 50 Cent isn't the first person to use that word.
50 Cent can't even rap.
And G-Unit is the most retarded thing I've ever heard.
by dusty March 19, 2003
the world's greatest soda company with unusual flavors like blue bubble bum, chocolate fudge, and turkey gravy.
by dusty August 8, 2004
a trampoline with rusty springs and torn padding, old-school
"Hey guys, lets go jump on that old trampo!"
by dusty April 18, 2004
A person, girl in particular, that works very hard, doing ANYTHING, to get everyone's attention, sexually, even gives out her personal information, then bitches about it when they get a stalker or someone says something to them about being trashy. a scummy person who needs to bath..the nastee ass gurl who u wouldnt be surprised if she got gang banged but the worst part is shed want it

i thought they should combine their ideas
CARRIE EVANS is the best way to define trashy
by dusty December 26, 2003
back in 1985, it was meant to replace coca-cola classic. although people liked it and thought it was a better taste, they were still deprived from the great classic. The new coke phase only lasted 2 months. After that, coca-cola classic was reproduced alongside new coke. in 1989 it was renamed coke 2 and in 1990 it ceised production. considered by most as the edsel of the '80s
With this "new coke" replacement, you have separated me from my only love in this world
by dusty August 8, 2004
part of the popular phrase "worst thing since new coke"
the n-gage is the worst thing since new coke
by dusty August 8, 2004