past tensed of gang bang!!
Also to fuck a chick in the ass, pussy,mouth,ears at the same time
The cripts gang banged that chick and she died
by osamma June 11, 2008
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A Gang Member Who Puts In Work For His Gang Such As Killing ,Drive By's, Shooting At Rivals.

There is a difference between claiming your a gangster and GangBanging.
Chicano : That Foo Claims He's A Gangster But He Don't Gang Bang!

Wanna Be's Claim There This And That But Don't Really Be Out There Gang Banging!!
by CHICANO PRIDE August 20, 2010
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1. When a street gang finds a random person on the streets and beats the ever living hell out of him. Usual ending with the removal of the victims shoes which are then strung from power lines.
2. When any one person of either sex has intercourse with three or more people at once, consensual or not (usually the latter), and is the sole receiver.
1. "Later, me and the Crips is going gang bangin'. You in?"
2. Racheal had quite the sore cock canyon after she was gang banged.
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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When one, most often a female, gets sexual pleasure from more than 2 penis's.
"dude you should have came last night. We gang banged cade"

"Man, we had the best gang-bang on that cade hoochie last night"
by angyNbritt January 1, 2006
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gang bang means to have sex with various males/females/monted people who have both/teachers at once.
I walked into his motel room, expecting a gang bang and I was right because my boyfriend and his friends were hiding in the closet, under the bed, and behind the door.
They suddenly jumped out and my boyfriend closed the door, but instead of freaking out I wanted them to fuck me.
I lay down on the floor and spread my legs.
My boyfriend inserted his penis in my already moist pussy and began to go in and out. My boyfriends best friend inserted his dick up my ass and began riding me like a horse and then two of my boyfriends other friends put their dicks in my open, waiting mouth. My long tongue wrapped itself around their dicks and sucked. Suddenly I felt a tingly vibration in my vagina and screamed, "OH OH OH ! FUCK YEAH OH RIDE ME BABY."

The guys all ejaculated at the same time which I took a face full and the two guys finished in my mouth.

But that wasn't enough for them, and it sure as hell wasn't enough for me.
I still had my legs spread and all four stuck their fingers in, as my pussy was so wide it could take all of them easily.

My boyfriend and his friends were multi cummers and so this time they all put their dicks in my vagina and I screamed in delight.

After cumming for the second time they then crammed every one of their dicks in my mouth and I blowed every one of them at once, sucking and licking and then they all lay on the floor, exhausted while I sat on them moving up and down and doing the work for them.

Then I wrapped my hands around their dicks and gave them the best hand job they had ever got.
by chuckemluckem September 10, 2008
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1) An orgy with one female.

2) When a gang or clique beats the living hell out of a smaller number of people, usually just one or two people. This is usually the case when a whity decides that he could act wild against the crips or jocks at an inner city party.
1) That chick is a total slut. She let 3 guys gang bang her!

2) Some kid from a Catholic school was getting wild when a local gang banger was hitting on his chick (This chick being the only reason the whity was even at the party). The gang banger and his friends showed him the door, head first.
by The Sub February 26, 2005
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A gang bang is a term usually used by urban minorities meaning a group of 3 or more males have sexual intercourse or get oral sex from a female at the same time. It provokes the feeling of dominance and is to shame/embarass/force the female.
"See shorty rite there? Me and my niggas gang banged that trick a month ago after Jay's party when she was drunk as motherfucka."
by m-t-a July 1, 2006
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