A combination of the names Tracy and Ashley. Both Tracy and Ashley must be marginally slutty to go as "Trashy."
"I totally don't remember what happened last night."
"Well, all I can say is Trashy came out to play!"
by ashtrace May 21, 2009
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Someone who portrays themself in a very "unclassy way". Mainly describes females who dye their hair bleach blonde and wear tons of makeup and small clothing.
"Man, that Sandy is sure a trashy hoe!"

"Yeah, she's sure gone downhill"
by bubblegum1991 June 27, 2008
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Little class, foul mouthed,folk.

There are two types of trash.

1. Trailor Trash

2. Rich Trash

...bottom line is ANYONE can be trashy. Someone can be rich as hell and still be a piece of trash, or poor and be classy. It's all how you handle yourself.
1. Tila is the whore you'd fuck and never talk to again because she's trashy.

2. Barbara's long ass heavily decorated arylic nails and super thin eyebrows are a red flag that she's trashy.

3. Do you see that trashy mom in Walmart with her two little kids? She was wearing a belly shirt showing off her gut and belly button ring and 4 inch heels.

4. It was pretty trashy of Lindsay Lohan, Paris, and Britney to flash their crotches. CLASS ladies, it called class.

by Papasfritas July 28, 2008
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a fat guy with tattoos who desperately needs a girlfriend in his life. Loves to wear wife beaters.
look at that fat guy with the tattoos, how trashy
by slobs August 25, 2007
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Trashy folk can be rich or poor, it doesn't matter...you can be trashy have a lot of money (aka Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan)

Trashy women can be found: extremely dark fake tans, dyed jet black or bleached blonde hair, and little clothing. Usually butterfaces. Tounge piercings, facial piercings, etc.

Trashy men: This ranges greatly. Trashy men can be the natty-ice lovin, nascar fans with beer bellys and wife beaters, or the metro-sexual douche bags who overly groom themselves.....waxing eyebrows, tanning, making themselves "pretty."

*in other words, trashy people leave little to the imagination and try to hard. Classy people follow the "less is more" rule*
Kelly is the kind of girl you'd bang on a one night stand, but she's too trashy to date, or bring home to your a family dinner.
by papasfritas July 23, 2008
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Trashy people are POOR people who watch nascar and come from POOR family's. They call other people Trashy to hide the fact that they are the ultimate definition of white trash and fail to make it in society. Due to this insecurity they start hating on people who are 'better off' than they are. You can always tell a trashy person from a classy person when the trashy person opens their mouth. They usually get personal and will say anything including run their foul mouth to get back at the one they are JEALOUS of.

Men will being 'wife beaters' and have tattoos all over their unkempt hairy flabby bodies. They will sometimes also wear FAKE jewelry. Most of their clothes are hand me downs or bought at some cheap store.

Women will be wearing ragamuffin clothes. Also hand me down types of items.
Trashy guy can't afford a car or a home. Unambitiousness and laziness must run in the family. Could also be his LOW IQ.

Trashy people love to 'hate' on people with some morals and manners. I think everyone knows who the trashy one is considering the shithole he grew up in and the class of people he hangs with.
by jhmd November 10, 2007
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What 99.9% of all Urban Dictionary definitions are (unlike the .91% that are actually funny, clever and/or descriptive.)
Angry person: You can't search a single word or phrase on this site without it turning up some fucking nasty, utterly disgusting, degrading and retarded sexual move that no one in their right mind would ever do, usually involving fecal matter and probably completely made up by either 14-year-old boys or misogynistic college men drunk on Bacardi 151!

Sane person: Wow dude, that's fuckin' trashy!
by xXWhiteKnightXx August 09, 2010
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