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Your third year of high school. Junior year means you are finally an upperclassman, after two years of crap at the sophomore and freshman ranks. However, as a junior, you still aren't the top dogs in the school, and still have another year to take orders from older douchebags. Junior year marks the beginning of the second half of your high school career...Good Luck.
Junior year is like playing the role of Robin for a whole school year.
by Jakabones August 12, 2006
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A sweet loving guy with amazing usage of words, he knows exactly what to say in every situation. He can put a smile on any body's face.
"Junior " brings warmth to my heart every time I hear it.
by love bug 24/7 October 21, 2015
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The "living dead" who overload on AP and honors classes because the only thing they think about is getting into the best college they could imagine. It is a known fact that all are dependant on caffeine.
You can catch most juniors saying this at around six a.m.:"MOM! WHERE IS MY COFFEE?!"
by SammmmyM October 13, 2011
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An 11th grade student in high school who generally sticks by the seniors instead of looking up to them, and of course, looks down upon the immature dramatic freshman/sophomores.
Joey is a junior who doesn't have to stress over graduation, nor does he have to be surrounded by annoying freshman/sophomores. Woo hoo.
by Morbidia May 28, 2005
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Basically the year when you are not yet a senior, but think you are as cool as the senior and better than the seniors. It is generally the peak of high school and kids get cocky and think they know it all. It is the first year of indepedent driving in most states, but learners permits start in different countries. To be a cool junior, you pretty much need to have your own car, and the prom is a big deal for you. It is like life or death. Junior year is also the hit in the head year, when you realize that college is only 2 years to go and you'll have to prepare for your partying by taking the SAT and get into Harvard to party.
Staci is a junior. Time to go to the prom and study for the SAT.
by Kyle 230 May 04, 2010
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An awesome person, usually praised for no particular reason. Is a man of great sex often surrounded by girls who want to get some. Junior's are often athletic and kind.
by mmnbvcxzasdfghjlqwertyuiopxcvb October 11, 2010
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A person who is incredibly awesome. He is trusting, kind, and hella funny. He could be insanely nerdy and love Star Wars but that's okay because that's what makes him an awesome friend. Oh and he is not that bad with the ladies I might add. Girls take note of this. Find yourself a Junior.
"Who did you say was awesome again?"

"Junior is awesome!"

"Right I can't forget that!"
by Darth Invader 94 January 29, 2012
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