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The only man on earth who can make thousands of people say "WHORE" in perfect synchronization.
Brendon Urie: "What a shame the poor groom's bride is a-"
Thousands of fangirls and fanboys: "WHORE!!!"
Brendon Urie: "YOU FUCKING KNOW IT!"
by Bread Bin Beebo Urine January 28, 2017
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An attractive lead singer of the band 'Panic At The Disco'
He is known for his talents in playing musical instruments and singing.
He can play the piano forte brilliantly.
Also famous for his large lips and butt.
girl: Brendon Urie is so talented!
boy: wish i could be like him!
by Sama_Panic January 3, 2009
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Hottest guy on the planet! Frontman/lead vocalist for Panic At The Disco
I wish Brendon Urie was my bae
by panicatthefalloutboy October 5, 2015
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The hottest fucking man alive. With an amazing ass, voice, face and lips that make you wanna touch yourself.
Aly: OMG I love Brendon Urie so much, he has such amazing lips and the project that seductive voice.
Jude:I know right and did you see his ass as he walked off stage!
by Brenny's_girl June 22, 2010
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The owner of "The Fifty Foot Forehead"
Woah! Did you see that guy? His forehead was hitting the ceiling! And we're outside!

Yeah! That's Brendon Urie!
by strange_emo February 25, 2017
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Our lord and savior, who has dressed up as Satan for a music video. He is also known as Spider-Urie, because he climbed up a building for a music video. Has amazing hair, and can make you pregnant just by looking at you. Has called Donald Trump a toxic orange. Is known by the Panic! at the Disco fandom, aka sinners, as Beebo. He’s literally perfect.
Me: Brendon Urie is literally god
Shalissa: I know! Can you believe he called Donald Trump a toxic orange?
Me: What about when he dressed up as satan?
Shalissa: No! What about Spider-Urie?
Me: He’s perfect

Shalissa: Damn right Beebo is perfect.
by Beebo is daddy November 23, 2018
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