Trashy people are characterized by a hollow arrogance born out of insecurity and stupidity. Because deep down they know they are trashy they overcompensate in the following ways:

Trashy women think their bodies are much better than they really are and display a lot of skin, usually muffin top / fupa. They also wear gaudy skimpy clothes, usually too tight to draw attention to themselves. Tattoos can also be part of this.

At work they think they should be running the place after 3 days on the job and in spite of being complete fuckups.

Trashy people people are loud, boastful and have foul mouths in an effort to draw attention to themselves and sound tough.

Trashy people are selfish and not team players. Their only goal is to satisfy their needs and they think nothing of taking advantage of others to get what they want. They think this is the "American Way".

Because they are insecure, trashy people tend to follow the latest trends, no matter how stupid because they want to be accepted.

Because they are stupid, trashy people tend to smoke, being either unaware or uncaring how horrifyingly unclean and disgusting a thing tobacco is.

Trashy women have sex frequently and unscrupulously for power and attention.
At the State Fair you see a lot of trashy women smoking and wearing lowrider jeans showing their muffintop.
by chuckybubbles February 7, 2012
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1. "Bro, did you see Joe and Bill post a bunch of status updates on facebook about how drunk they were last night?"

"Yeah man I saw that. They are some total trashies."

2. "Hey man im thinking about putting some loud exhaust on my '96 Volvo. Is that bad or what?"

"No, your a trashie."
by bmow93 September 26, 2010
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that nail color is kind of trashi. it doesn’t go with your outfit.
by trashigirl April 21, 2019
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The name used to refer to people in the Loud House fandom, who like/support Loudcest and/or Lewd House
Person 1: Oh my god this trashie just liked my art on Tumblr
Person 2: Ew gross, you should block them
by wyoming20 December 17, 2016
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Someone who portrays themself in a very "unclassy way". Mainly describes females who dye their hair bleach blonde and wear tons of makeup and small clothing.
"Man, that Sandy is sure a trashy hoe!"

"Yeah, she's sure gone downhill"
by bubblegum1991 June 27, 2008
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A combination of the names Tracy and Ashley. Both Tracy and Ashley must be marginally slutty to go as "Trashy."
"I totally don't remember what happened last night."
"Well, all I can say is Trashy came out to play!"
by ashtrace May 21, 2009
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