Noun, a building in the hood, often multiple story residence out of which hard drugs are trafficked, and prostitution is often solicited. Considered by some safer for using hard drugs than one's own home, a room or rooms are generally provided for those who wish to use the trap, and prostitutes who are sometimes housed there can also be hired for services in those rooms. Something like a ghetto retreat house. Often operated by gang members and gangs, and open around the clock. In many cases known to police. May have multiple workers, usually gang members or their brothers and cousins. They sleep in shifts so that one is always awake for business.

Example: Waddup lo mane, you comin through do tonite?

Ahhh I don't know mane, I got this ho on my lap and a nigga fucked up in the trap not sure im gonna make it!

Shit dawg whose trap u at?

Im at the blood one down on lincoln u know my dog abe the red dude workin it tonight

Damn, why you didnt call me nigga?

My bad, but hey, that chick cindy still aint ...otherwise engaged if you know what I mean, she in the next room , u know that light skinned one with the big ol booty

Ima hit you right back dog, gotta check first and see if my baby momma fina drop by.
one of my favorite things to do whenever I'm in the southside is to get fucked up in rashards trap. And while I'm at it, I usually get one of those ho's staying up in that bitch to suck me off. It will run me about 100 dollars for the coke and the bitch. Its a hell of a deal, but Rashards my dog so you know he fina treat a nigga right
by Dang8701 November 18, 2014
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When you think the person is a guy but hes really a girl with a vagina........some kind of mixx up downstairs. You just got TRAPPPPED!
Hey paul, Well look at this, tuere's a vagina where the penis should be......fap fap fap Vitale's a TRAP!!!
by Mikey R.. May 17, 2008
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a pretty trans girl

originally a transphobic term used by no homo bros and closeted chasers to signal to each other that someone was a trans girl, ie. "sure you want to buy her a drink? she's a trap iykwim." popular among star wars eggs who are masking around cis boy gamers by putting down their own fam.

long considered an untouchable pejorative among trans women bc of its relation to transbashing, the term was slowly reclaimed to be a sassy compliment from one trans girl to another: "shit grrl, you're such a trap." now fully reclaimed by trans women, as with fish, and being used to mean any trans girl regardless of her sexual appeal to straight men. often combined with a pun, ie. "bear trap" for someone who dates bears, or "booby trap" for someone with bounteous tits.
a bunch of traps are going camping this weekend, bring some weiners to grill if you wanna come.
by fish trap July 16, 2018
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a hood or ghetto, but more specifically... a TRAiler Park
"we goin' to the trap tonight..."
by Justin Fernandez January 31, 2006
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A term for anything that has a sexual inconsistency with a preconceived notion, such as a woman with a penis or man with a vagina.
I was gonna fuck that chick, but my friend warned me that she was a trap.
by Son of Dictionary September 23, 2007
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To leave suddenly or without announcement, flee. Useful as hurried exclamation to others.

Situations in which you would trap:
1: Looking out of a window and seeing an aircraft heading towards you.
2: Arriving at a party to find that it is full of geezers all wearing stripy shirts and trying to pull to only bird present.
1: "TRAP!!!!"
2: "Think im gonna trap soon"
by oracle August 20, 2004
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