When you think the person is a guy but hes really a girl with a vagina........some kind of mixx up downstairs. You just got TRAPPPPED!
Hey paul, Well look at this, tuere's a vagina where the penis should be......fap fap fap Vitale's a TRAP!!!
by Mikey R.. May 16, 2008
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someone who appears to be a different gender but is not
guy1: hey that anime girl is suuuper hot
guy2: oh thats a trap
by Minty ravens~ December 13, 2018
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a hood or ghetto, but more specifically... a TRAiler Park
"we goin' to the trap tonight..."
by Justin Fernandez January 31, 2006
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To leave suddenly or without announcement, flee. Useful as hurried exclamation to others.

Situations in which you would trap:
1: Looking out of a window and seeing an aircraft heading towards you.
2: Arriving at a party to find that it is full of geezers all wearing stripy shirts and trying to pull to only bird present.
1: "TRAP!!!!"
2: "Think im gonna trap soon"
by oracle August 19, 2004
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slutty girls who have sex with a lot of guys
yo bro what girl you hitting up
i dont know man she looks pretty sexy
i wouldnt fuck with that bro shes a trap
by kasper sags May 16, 2011
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A term for anything that has a sexual inconsistency with a preconceived notion, such as a woman with a penis or man with a vagina.
I was gonna fuck that chick, but my friend warned me that she was a trap.
by Son of Dictionary September 22, 2007
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