Fixing to (do) something

-->Fixin' ta ---> Fina
by Ryan June 14, 2006
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A synonym for "going to"
I fina go get my hair done today.
by Kid Billy January 31, 2004
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refers to an attractive female; a hot looking chick.
by finacologist September 21, 2013
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Fina is typical shy person. She had a lot of charms, but she never know that until someone told her. She also cute person and always try the best for her dreams. That means she is very ambitious and smart. She looks good with a natural make up. But, she seldom to realize which person who really loves her and sometimes she pick wrong person to love. (be careful Fina). Fina is a famous person, it can be cause her achievements, or her beauty, or her kindness, or all of them.
Do you know Fina? Who doesn't know her

Do you know who makes a man chase after her but choose a man who doesn't love her? I do, it's Fina
by tuesday couple November 23, 2021
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very pretty man named Fina he never misses a homie cuddle session he always there for emotional support- from the homies.
a series of examinations at the end of a degree course: Fina
by homies May 24, 2023
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fine means are you goin to
you fina go home?are you goint to go home or is you fina do your homework meaning are you goin to do your homework..
by nena01 October 9, 2008
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