A situation in which people lie in wait to make a surprise attack, or a set up to capture a creature

Especially used by hunters to capture deers, or by Eugene to capture his victims
Eugene didn't realize that he was lured into a trap by the feds until it was too late.
by 1overboy69 March 19, 2018
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A ghetto place that if you stay there too long you get trapped there. The people and circumstances bring you down. You make friends with someone they ask you for a ride to work. You get profiled and pulled over. Dude has drugs on him and sticks it in your glove box. Cops arrest both of you. Now you got a felony and can't get financial aid to go to college. You end up working at the local McDonald's. Now you trapped. Dude asks you for a ride to work because it's the trap and doesn't want to walk. You say no. He gets fired for being late. Now you got beef and get mugged by his homies. Now you scared to go outside so you don't get mugged again. So you stay in the house and it feels like you are trapped there. That's the trap house. A lot of times people end up selling drugs in the trap house. They fortify it with armed people making little safe places in an otherwise dangerous area.
Nobody wants to live in the trap.

You can take a man out the trap, but can't take what the trap did out of the man.
by Ghetto translator March 21, 2017
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To sell drugs inorder to make money and support oneself.
Im broke, so i guess i gotta start trapping
by trapGawdess June 22, 2015
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A hustle, a grind, Legal or Illegal means of getting money by any means necessary.
by Janooskii February 13, 2017
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in anime, a boy that is so feminine, he looks like a girl; often more attractive than other girls.
traps aren't gay, because boi pucci
by mynamacleff July 1, 2017
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man im bout to go to the trap and make some cheese.
by monolog May 7, 2003
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An archetypal character in anime/manga, although real life people can perform the role as well.
Cisgendered characters, usually male, who has the appearance (and sometimes, character traits) of an attractive member of the other sex.

Transgendered individuals are definitionally not a trap. Calling them such can be taken to be offensive, due to it being a form of erasure.

Often, but not always, a crossdresser.
Can be after sexual attention, and/or be homosexual. In any case, neither are defining traits, although often debated by fans and anti-fans.
A popular meme is an ongoing debate on whether liking traps (or disliking them) is gay.
Normie: Hey, that cartoon character is hot. 10/10 would bang.

Nerd: Um, Actually, it's an anime character. Also, he's a trap.
Nerd 2: The D makes it better though amirite?

Nerd 1: Traps are like, completely gay dude
Nerd 2: Only 2.19% gay
Nerd 3: Actually, if you define straight as being attracted to girliness, and gay is the opposite, not being attracted to a trap means you're not attracted to the girliness so that means not liking traps is gay.
Everyone: Wat.
by NamelessNeko October 22, 2019
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