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Transport for the very cheap.
Only £1 London to Birmingham!!!!!!!!!!!!
by oracle March 13, 2004
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Large, dual carriageway road with special status (in UK, Ireland, Australia). International equivalents: Interstate, Autobahn, autostrada. No stopping, u-turns, etc. Maximum speed limit (in UK) 70mph/110kph. In practice the police leave you alone up to 100mph/160kph. No speed cameras are allowed on ordinary motorways (eg no roadworks, or otherwise reduced speed limits). Due to poor planning and low government spending on all transport, UK motorways are notoriously congested (the busiest stretch or road in Europe, the M6 through Birmingham, has only 3 lanes each way).
Shall we take the motorway or the a-roads?
by oracle February 1, 2005
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Shithole. Like the inside of George Bush's head (theres fuck all there).
We've been robbed! This lounge looks like Lichfield!!
by oracle December 18, 2004
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The other approved model of London "Black cab", constructed of GRP in Tamworth. Favoured by some taxi drivers due to price. Boxy design (looks like a cross between an old volvo and a bus) means nowhere near as famous as the London Taxi. See also plastic pig.
Im not hailing that metrocab
by oracle August 19, 2004
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Long strip of tarmac or concrete, used for motoring. Regularly sabotaged by new labour.
The roads are hell today
by oracle February 6, 2004
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Sports car, stands for: Lots of trouble, usually serious.
by oracle February 6, 2004
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