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1: Plate attached to car being driven by learner driver.
2: Joint made with 2 sheets of paper shaped as an "L".
1: Hes still on his L plates
2: Roll us an L plate
by oracle February 05, 2004
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Large car park near Birmingham and Tamworth. Used as storage area for traffic cones and occasionally as motorway. See M25.
Im stuck on the M42
by oracle February 05, 2004
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Longest (and normally busiest) motorway in the UK. Runs between Rugby (where it joins the M1 to London, and the Scottish border near Carlisle. The road continues (under the number M74) to Glasgow.
The road passes through the major industrial conurbations of the West Midlands (Birmingham) and the North West (Liverpool and Manchester).

The West Midland section (previously the busiest stretch of road in Europe, incorporating spaghetti junction) was bypassed in 2003 by the UK's first toll motorway, the M6 toll.
'There's a severe jam on the M6'
by oracle January 28, 2006
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Shithole. Like the inside of George Bush's head (theres fuck all there).
We've been robbed! This lounge looks like Lichfield!!
by oracle December 17, 2004
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Inner London motorway system planned in the 1970s but never built (hence the horrendous jams today). Term can be used for any worthwhile government project that never materialises, such as the often touted "Birmingham underground" system.
The government will never build an underground system in Birmingham. It will be just like the London Box. Maybe there was a deal in the 1960s that Birmingham will get reasonable roads and London will get reasonable trains.
by oracle January 31, 2005
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