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Junction 6 of the M6 in north Birmingham. Intersection of the M6, A38(M), A38, and A5127. Most complex junction in UK. Notorious for jams, busiest section of road in Europe.
"Theres a 20 mile tailback from spaghetti..."
by oracle January 26, 2005
The other approved model of London "Black cab", constructed of GRP in Tamworth. Favoured by some taxi drivers due to price. Boxy design (looks like a cross between an old volvo and a bus) means nowhere near as famous as the London Taxi. See also plastic pig.
Im not hailing that metrocab
by oracle August 19, 2004
Long strip of tarmac or concrete, used for motoring. Regularly sabotaged by new labour.
The roads are hell today
by oracle February 6, 2004
1: Rat that lives in a sewer.
2: One who enjoys anal sex, especially a male homosexual.

See: marmite miner, fudge packer, uphill gardener, etc.
"Time to trap, this place is full of sewer rats"
by oracle August 20, 2004
Inner London motorway system planned in the 1970s but never built (hence the horrendous jams today). Term can be used for any worthwhile government project that never materialises, such as the often touted "Birmingham underground" system.
The government will never build an underground system in Birmingham. It will be just like the London Box. Maybe there was a deal in the 1960s that Birmingham will get reasonable roads and London will get reasonable trains.
by oracle February 1, 2005
An underweight bag of weed. Mimics the system whereby an 'eighth' = 1/8 oz and a 'teenth' = 1/16 oz. In practice a 'deanth' will be a bag sold as an 'eighth' but weighing noticeably less.
Named for a dealer who regularly sold such short measures.
"An eighth my arse, this is more of a deanth!"
by oracle November 29, 2006