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the sound one makes when masturbating himself to extascy
damn, im gonna have a fap session rite now with this porn
by SAN JOSE STATE April 27, 2003
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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An onomatopoeia relating to the sound of rythmic sexual thunder claps due to the violent collisions between a man and woman, or the quick faint rythmic souncs of male masturbatinon.
Rick stood stunned by the bathroom door when he heared a faint fapfapfap instead of running water.
by tester February 26, 2005
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Is what you do when your parents arent home. If they are, that may be dangerous. It means masturbation in case you didn't know. Its also a funny way to say it.
(no parents in your house):
You: *fap fap fap*

(with parents in your house):
You: *fap fap fap*
Your mother: (opens door) Son i need that...
You: *fap* HOLY SHHI- (falls down the bed, grabs everything and does a tornado flip)
Your mother: (closes the door)
by Chullage February 01, 2009
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Originally the onomatopoetic rendition of male masturbation in Japanese manga (erotic comics), using the Roman letters. "Fapfapfap" has come to represent male masturbation in general, and by extension the slapping sounds of any anal intercourse, and male/female penile-vaginal intercourse as well.
-- What did you think of that new actress?

-- HOT! Fapfapfap.

-- Easy for you to say.

-- Give me some privacy and my dick will make the noise.
by al-in-chgo May 01, 2011
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A reference to a really hot interwebs chick who doesn't give you l33t pr0n, but you'd still masturbate@her. Often associated with FAP@U.
Me: Man, Jawnty's a prude, but I was all like FAPFAPFAP to her anyway.
Jawnt: omg u r t3t hawtnezz<3!212!
by Finneh October 10, 2007
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A comment issued by a person in response to another party excessively talking about or exhorting the benefits of anything; but especially something which doesn't really merit it.

It implies excessive masturbation over the continually mentioned topic.
Person 1: And then I get +2 to AC and D4 hit die, plus I get a bonus to my will and fortitude saves once per day, and I also get an extra feat every 6th level.... *etc*

Person 2: fap fap fap. stfu.
by s3ph October 14, 2007
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