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a tran, used as a term of endearment from one trans girl to another trans girl.

"hey fish, let's swim over to the G.L.O.S.S. show already"

"ya sure, i can't wait to make that pit into a fish bowl"

evolved from a hooker code term for cis women sex workers (1970s) aka girls who sell vagina (fish-scented junk) as opposed to ass. later referring to trans women (1980s), especially asians swimming in white scenes, who look so much like cis women that for all intents and purposes are cis. later (briefly), referring to girls who've had bottom surgery and are card-carrying members of the vaginosis crew. reclaimed circa 2016 to mean all trans women, including bricks, as a fuck-you to the gay male chaser scene; now considered beyond the pale when used to signal a person's genitalia.

used awkwardly by gay men to refer to cis-passing drag queens because they look so much like a trans woman. like when rich white boys call each other hood on the golf course.

used pejoratively by gay men to refer to trans men at the club in a desperate attempt to self-affirm their trans-exclusionary homosexuality, in the same way that str8 men think touching a dick will instantly turn them gay (as if they weren't gay already).
some egg groped my girl last night so i'm pulling together a school of fish to give him a free vaginoplasty
by fish trap July 15, 2018
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to shank someone in the junk (or anywhere in the abdomen, really), creating an axe wound but like with a switchblade. used as a threat by trans women, but is all just big words bc no trans person actually has the energy to spare doing someone this service

sometimes shortened to just vaginoplasty
shut that bish up before i take off this stiletto and give her a free vaginoplasty
by fish trap July 16, 2018
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that thing where people get weird about men being in dresses. so named because of how it affects trans women.

not quite transphobia. not quite misogyny. not really “the intersection of transphobia and transmisogyny” despite what Julia Serano says. but definitely the reason behind why none of your dyke friends from highschool want to let their kids talk to you now that you’re on hormones.

all the specific ways that it manifests in the world gets... really complicated. but one of those ways is why its so damn hard for a definition of this word to get through the urban dictionary review process 😂
they fired me for being “hard to work with” but we all know that it was just because they won’t own up to their basic-ass transmisogyny
by fish trap July 16, 2018
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a trans girl with pronounced physical features that subject her to transmisogyny, like broad shoulders, strong jawline, deep voice, etc.; opposed to a fish.

originally used within trans circles (1970s) where passing and surgery were assumed to be everyone's objective. not usually used as a pejorative, but more as a sympathetic or pity term.

"it's a goddamn shame bc she's such a sweet bb angel, but she's a real brick and no amount of tits or FFS will make her able to pass in women's spaces." "ya, she'll probably commit suicide in a few years and there's nothing anyone can do about it — :'(((("

reclaimed as a result of the Monster Pride or Trans Visibility movements as a term of pride for non-op trans women.
you know what, i /am/ a brick, and i /like/ being a brick, stop trying to force all trans girls to look alike just because you're having trouble with your own body dysphoria
by fish trap July 15, 2018
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1) a posi noun for a trans person, replacing the pejorative noun tranny.

useful linguistically where the more common adjective trans won't flow in your sentence. plural: "trans," bc none of this was confusing enough already. usually only used to refer to oneself, preceded by a single adjective, as a caption for a selfie (ie. "glam tran"); if used to refer to another person, it could be interpreted as a slur, which would defeat the purpose of making up new words to distance ourselves from ru paul.

2) a common Việt family name (Trần). 11% of all vietnamese trans are also Trầns.
i think Trần is a sad tran today
by fish trap July 15, 2018
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intentional mis-spelling of trans, used internally among trans people. commonly: "trains pride" "trains girl" "trainsexual" etc.

from this time when ru paul once mistakenly posted an image of Train Landscape (a painting by Ellsworth Kelley) thinking that it was an image of the trans flag because it also has some pretty stripes. Train Landscape is quickly outstripping the Monica Helms trans flag design as the most popular representation of trans pride, mostly bc everyone hates on the pink-and-blue version for being so damn infantalizing.

apparently gay oogles / train hoppers have been using this term for decades but no one cares what they say 'cause they don't exist on the internet
trains girls are real trains, fite me
by fish trap July 16, 2018
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when a trans person realizes they're not cis. derived from the term egg. not the same thing as coming out. not exactly a posi experience.
hatching doesn't imply you transform from an ugly cis child into a beautiful swan bb or anything, most of us just become fucked up omelettes
by fish trap July 17, 2018
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