someone who appears to be a different gender but is not
guy1: hey that anime girl is suuuper hot
guy2: oh thats a trap
by Minty ravens~ December 13, 2018
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a girl under the age of 18, under the legal age.
G: Heeey girl wassup!
G2: Dude that girls a trap!
G: How can you tell?
G2: She has a pacifier!
by MrFeeney July 24, 2009
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a picture or actual person inciting you to become sexually interested in a woman when further down the line its revealed that it was a man.
in bourbon st. new orleans you will see women with titties exposed, dressed like hookers, but they are a trap. their dicks bigger than yours!
by viciousk July 31, 2009
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House, or apt usually abandoned that is for the primary use of selling, bagging and using illegal substances.
The police raided the trap yesterday and took everyone to jail because of all the cocaine they found.
by AmlyknoOtha September 20, 2016
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someone who is biologically male who looks like a female. It's my belief that this individual doesn't need to identify as a female, but can. They also don't need to purposely be crossdressing, or trying to look like a girl. For example: Hideyoshi
person one:"liking traps is so gay"
person two: "what if your a girl?"
by Enna Tierce June 25, 2017
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A temptation or anything bad (drugs, porno) that you are hooked on and is extremely hard to break free from
Don't smoke crack, it's a trap to keep us poor people down.
by Souljah2_1_3 August 26, 2012
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mark: dude that chicks hella hot, imma talk to her
paul: look at that bulge! that chicks a trap
mark: nah man imma get it in
paul: you!
by p.nasty January 12, 2012
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