Something which transcends the limitation of the human mind or body. Recently, it has come to describe a growing movement of people who believe we are in the verge of growing beyond our limited human forms and consciousness. They often consider the development of transhuman technology a leap forward on par with the plow in completely transforming how human's live.
Cybernetics and nanotechnology are the keys to the transhuman revolution
by PrimalChaos November 21, 2004
Adjective: Supplied with or carrying human genetic material because of recombinant DNA technology. Noun: A transgenic organism that includes human genetic material.
Because these genetically engineered critters are transhuman, they lactate human proteins valuable to the pharmaceutical industry.
by T. Higgins September 7, 2005
A movement supporting the use of reason, science and technology to advance and enhance human abilities and existence under optimal conditions. Can be see as an extension of humanism, but with much more emphasis on the future. Transhumanists believe that we should try to overcome our biological limitations thru the use of such things as nanotechnology, cryonics, AI, mind uploading, space-time engineering, eugenics, and what not in order to become posthuman.
The goal of transhumanism to become more than human.
by OneBadAsp November 5, 2006
An intermediary form between the human and the posthuman.
Our current use of medicine and technology enables us to routinely do many things that would have astonished humans living in ancient times, we are not already transhuman?
by OneBadAsp November 5, 2006
A post-modern theory that posits on the perceived benefit to Mankind of having a Cuisinart installed in your rectum.
In the Future, questioning the Transhumanism movement will directly result in the offending party having their body reduced to it's base molecules.
by Johnny Pseudonym February 1, 2008
Esoteric Transhumanism, shortened to Esoh+ and also refered as Spiritual Transhumanism, shortened to Spirith+, is a transhumanist ideology that advocates the overcoming human problems with technological advancement. But Esoteric Transhumanism isn't afraid to go further, beyond the realms of the physical, rational and logical but also the realms of the magical, esoteric, spiritual, extraphysical and even divinial. Esoteric Transhumanism advocates transhumanist ideologies such as Technodeism, Extraphysicism and Divinialism, considering them as parts of Esoteric Transhumanism.
"Esoteric Transhumanism is a nice way to end the fear spiritual people have of transhumanism, but still, it is necessary the development of the esoteric transhumanist technologies for spiritual people start joining it completely."

"Esoteric Transhumanism shows that another transhumanist path is possible, and spiritual people should embrace it."
by Full Monteirism January 2, 2021