1.A machine in which you stick fruits, or vegetables in to create juice.

2. Mary Roach's fav. word
Alex "Mary! I told you not to stick pencils in the cuisinart"

M. Roach *tear*
by Mary Roach February 07, 2005
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The act of sticking both arms inside a vagina and proceeding to rotate them wildly like the mixing arms of a cuisinart.
Sarah was so gapped out that Rodney was able to fit both arms inside and perform the cuisinart.
by jaykelceej January 18, 2010
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Alternate word for 'quee quee'; a gay man; a grab asser
Dude, I know that freekin' Kojo is a flaming cuisinart

by Asian barber October 16, 2008
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French slang used to describe a person who is lame, boring, or a square.
How come you didn't go to the game last night; Tanya you're a Cuisinart compared to Victor and I.
by Sabelotodo November 19, 2007
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Hitting a hidden pile of dog shit with a string trimmer will sling dog squeezin's in every direction,much like a blender with the lid removed.
I always wear a full face shield when weed-eating the yard to prevent a dog shit Cuisinart scenario.
by wolfbait51 June 06, 2011
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