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An older man, usually someone with seniority in a business, a labor union or other community. Often used disrespectfully by younger members when referring to preferential treatment or out-dated behavior.
I hate the grey beards. They do nothing but talk about the old days and get first dibs on all the good assignments.
by PrimalChaos August 14, 2010
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Living off of monthly donations from Patreon for bad art or 'important work', usually of the social justice variety, which is often subpar or unsellable otherwise. Basically, receiving the financial equivalent of a pity fuck.
"He'd be flipping burgers instead of complaining on his blog if it wasn't for hipster welfare."
by PrimalChaos December 22, 2014
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Being embittered and jaded about being shafted or disappointed by Kickstarter projects. Symptoms usually include: expressing skepticism at any performance or technological claims; quickly pointing out the difference between concept art and a finished project; and screaming "CGI!" at the top of your lungs. Often, being Kickbitter is very justified.
"Sorry, but after three different projects failing or being incredibly late, I'm really Kickbitter."
by PrimalChaos December 1, 2014
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Something which transcends the limitation of the human mind or body. Recently, it has come to describe a growing movement of people who believe we are in the verge of growing beyond our limited human forms and consciousness. They often consider the development of transhuman technology a leap forward on par with the plow in completely transforming how human's live.
Cybernetics and nanotechnology are the keys to the transhuman revolution
by PrimalChaos November 21, 2004
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