the horrid degradation of ones life due to unfortunate circumstances that changes life altogether.
like going from a healthy young adult with a job and money to falling in a downward spiral with no friends and no home and being reduced to eating potato chips and drinking beer while watching wrestling shows, comedy and playing video games
by THE TOILET OF LIFE May 20, 2008
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Someone who is of lesser inteligence or has a tendency to do stupid things. A more politicaly correct alternative to the word retarded.
"Why do you always act like your Reduced."
by TCW00dy March 18, 2004
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football term, by where a player (usually of lesser ability) will attempt to tackle an opposition player (usually of superior abiliy) in a grossly unfair and extremely violent manner, so as to let the opposition player know that if he values his family jewels then today might be a good day to have an "off day".

The reducer is often aimed at knee height of the opposition player (or in extreme cases, the testicles), and will usually take place in the first few minutes of the game.
Though not a violent man, Aston Villa centre half Olof Mellberg knew that unless he dished out a reducer or two, tricky Manchester United winger, cristiano ronaldowould probably take the piss out of him every time the ball was nearby.
by Nayson May 11, 2005
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To lessen something rather it be an action or emotion or etc.
Janice: Marcus why the hell you eat my last piece of cheesecake!

Marcus: aye bro imma need you to reduce fa me alright you don't need to do all that

Tina: Oh my gosh Jason! Come here give me a hug!

Jason: aye yo Tina reduce I don't feel like all that

Guy: Aye waddup baby lemme buy you a drink

Girl: uh nigga reduce please with yo ugly ass
by Drizzydrakus May 8, 2014
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v. on a diet; losing weight. A term heard in the deep south.
Have you noticed that Joyce is reducing? She now looks half-way decent in her tiny-weenie polka-dotted bikini.
by Richard Black September 21, 2005
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A word on Urban Dictionary that hasn't been defined yet-- nevermind.

To remove content from something by an action.
This will reduce the chances that someone else finds a non-defined word.
by MarComiX March 8, 2009
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The USFG Should reduce restrictions on legal immigration into the US
by AnthonyAguerosMom March 24, 2019
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