like the wheelbarrow were you push your partner around on her/his hands during the act of love making except you kick thier hands out from under them and scoot them around on thier face
in a throw of passion i gave my lover the plow
by anthony"wichitaislame"ficarra February 12, 2007
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When a guy screws a girl in a vigorous manner
yea she got plowed by jimmy
by Mattius September 22, 2004
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To have sex with someone. Often used as a verb. Often used by males referring to having sex with a female.
"I plowed her field!"
by CityGirl February 13, 2003
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v. t. To sexually penetrate, esp. in a firm or forceful manner.
1. -How was your date with Phyllis? -I plowed her.
2. He's going to Toronto to see a DJ at a fashionable waterfront nightclub and plow the sweet merciful crap out of Julia.
by surp October 8, 2007
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To get shot or hit by an moving object
Somebody got they ass plowed last night cuhh or yo ass got plowed by that car
by Real legend March 14, 2020
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verb; To firmly plunge one's dick into someone's hole.
Johnny: Yo bro did you plow that biddy last night?
Nick: Yeah bro, all day every day all day.
Johnny: What a duelytown.
by Juan Valdez. May 30, 2010
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