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A movement supporting the use of reason, science and technology to advance and enhance human abilities and existence under optimal conditions. Can be see as an extension of humanism, but with much more emphasis on the future. Transhumanists believe that we should try to overcome our biological limitations thru the use of such things as nanotechnology, cryonics, AI, mind uploading, space-time engineering, eugenics, and what not in order to become posthuman.
The goal of transhumanism to become more than human.
by OneBadAsp November 04, 2006
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A post-modern theory that posits on the perceived benefit to Mankind of having a Cuisinart installed in your rectum.
In the Future, questioning the Transhumanism movement will directly result in the offending party having their body reduced to it's base molecules.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 31, 2008
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