pills ingested via rectal cavaties
"dude, last night we had some mean pharmaceutical"
by darby.ff November 10, 2017
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a whore for the pharmaceutical industry peddling brand name drugs that are marginally better (if at all) and infinitely more expensive than generic drugs that have been available for decades.
The pharmaceutical rep came by the doctor's office to explain why patients' prefer a Cialis erection to a Viagra erection.
by ken69 February 17, 2009
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Adj. ; A term derived from Emergency Services, describing a subject who/is either overdosed or extremely high on prescription medication.
That guy doesn't have the flu, he's Pharmaceutically Gifted.
by Fire Sergeant March 10, 2010
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when an individual is taking pharmaceuticals and they express anger, belligerence and the conversation always turns into a debate. if you experience this non-substantial human conversation. please ask them. are you on pharmaceuticals ?
protest pharmaceuticals by not taking them.
smoke weed you'll live longer
pharmaceutical mania is the true end of society.
nice job pharmacopia.
by T'mag November 22, 2012
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1) Any illegal or controlled substance, prescription or manufactured, bought for the purpose of altering ones mood, or reality, at great risk of personal health and freedom.
methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, extasy, LSD, and the list goes on.
by jrh5356 April 18, 2005
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1) a drug dealer, any
2) a drug dealer who works on the corner or on the sidewalk, not to be confused with an On-line Doctor
I'm looking for a sidewalk pharmaceutical distributor so when i go to the social worker this evening we can have some fun
by Frank Cuzzocrea March 2, 2006
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When justice is turned upside down and Guilt is presumed until you can prove you are innocent. The proof of innocence is to be given a possibly lethal injection and be diagnosed positive for a known lethal virus and survive. Mandatory compelled speech legislation ensures that you confess so the authorities can keep plausible deniability in the event of your death.
I refuse to participate in the 2022 pharmaceutical witchcraft trials.
by Spiritual-Master January 7, 2022
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