The applied science of improving the gene pool by selecting positive DNA; this is called positive eugenics, and by removing the negative DNA; this is called negative eugenics.
Eugenics breeding genetically changed the wolf into a domesticated dog; imagine what we could do to humans.
by sciencefriday February 23, 2010
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Eugenics is a social philosophy which advocates the hereditary improvement of the human race by selective breeding. The supposed improvement generally comes down to ridding mankind of stupidity, which few people will disagree with unless you're talking serious politics, in which case the general consensus is that it'd be best if mankind goes extinct. To avoid confusion keep the following in mind, the Nazis favored eugenics, therefore eugenics is wrong.
You know you’re too deep into eugenics when half your friends are White Nationalists since they’re the only ones who actually listen to your ideas.
by Mr. Dum November 6, 2005
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The simple idea that stupid people shouldn't breed.

Politically correct people will defend the rights of those with Autism and Down Syndrome to have children, completely ignoring the fact that-

a. People with low cognitive skills are unable to care for themselves, let alone another human being.

b. The pain caused to these people when their children are taken away (for their own good).

c. The high chances that the child itself will be disabled, and have just as hard a life as his/her parent(s).

d. The high cost of medical care for someone who can contribute little or nothing to society.

In other words, common sense.

Haters gonna hate
by Ⓕⓘⓖⓤⓡⓔ.①⓪ January 16, 2010
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Eugenics are the practice of isolating negative genes, and preserving positive ones, whether through natural or social selection. Several attempts have been made, throughout history, to do such, with human intervention - all were short-lived, but none succeeded. Such methods toward eugenics are: genocide, bioengineering or genetic manipulation, and selective breeding.

Through natural selection, random or adaptive mutations occur. If positive, in theory, the traits should prosper. If negative, or not beneficial, however, they should fade away, if the family possessing these genes doesn't die away before then.

With human intervention, this is accelerated - the isolation of carriers of certain DNA can be achieved without blood shed, simply if no other group interbreeds, or if such a group discontinues populating. However, more macabre means can be undertaken to reach this, such as genocide. Still, yet, there are further, and possibly more promising methods, such as genetic manipulation, for carriers of such a trait could be "cured," rather than phased out, or exterminated, altogether.

Examples in history, involving humans, include: murder, en mass, of American Indians; the Holocaust (1933 - 1945); the Balkans ethnic cleansing (Bosnia, Kosovo, primarilly); Rwanda; Sudan; etc.
Ahh, eugenics - something that hasn't happened for quite a while. However, I feel it should. This could, quite possibly, benefit the human race, for without dumbshits, we should prosper much longer. Unfortunately, though, it seems the degenerates breed more, and faster, than do the good ones among humanity. 'Tis a shame, truly. Have no misconceptions, however, as I don't wish for races to be exterminated, but rather, unfavorable genes removed.
by Amerikaner October 15, 2006
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A male that tries to flirt with girls and has a famous pick up line of "Do you watch youtube"
Oh there goes the eugene again"-Birdman
by chain smoker 30000 April 8, 2016
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A small autistic boy who has somehow escaped day care he is armed and on the loose. If you see a small albino boy who wears fortnite shirts, do not interact with him call his tard wrangler imediatly.
"Don't Be A Eugene!"
by Tard Wrangler # 69 December 17, 2018
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A photo where Eugene Shylo's head photoshopped at random coordinates.
TAC photo was so eugenized
by neledov October 22, 2018
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