A person that runs over someone like a horse racing toward something.
That tramples always scoops me on the sales floor.
by Throwaway away October 12, 2020
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1. To be so drunk that you feel like you've been mangled in a herd of animals; beyond hammered drunk.

2. To wake up and feel like you've been mangled in a herd of animals: recovery time 2-3 days.

3. To be so drunk that you wake up on a trampoline and have no idea where you are or where your shirt is.
1. Dude, I know we started partying at the bar but how did we end up at the petting zoo?....Yeah, you know we got trampled last night!

2. Dude can you cover my shift tomorrow, I got trampled drunk last night.

3. Dude, I got so trampled last night I woke up on a picnic table, in my underwear, with a plastic giraffe.
by little big/ big little December 25, 2010
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a full contact trampoline game involving a ball all players must attempt to throw out of the trampoline
Do you guys want to come over and play trample?
by ed minkel February 08, 2007
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the female version of a tea bag. girls don't have balls, they can trample over people with there camel toes.
Girl: dude i just tea bagged this guy.
Guy: You don't have balls dummy, you Camel Trample.
Girl: Camel Trample? whats That?
Guy: Its how girls tea bag but with there camel toes.
Girl: oh snap!
by The zeal Crew February 08, 2010
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a man with an erect penis sitting with his legs out and boner on the ground allows a women wearing large high heels to repeatedly stomp on his erect penis
Caleb: "you my dick is so bruised from last night"
Emilee: " did i cock trample you too hard?"
by jaryd2long4u July 16, 2011
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Trample Fetish is a kind of submissive foot fetish for the one trampled and a domination fetish for the one trampling. Trampling can be on face, crotch, chest, back and neck.
They knew about Shawn's trample fetish so Raven and Neveah teased him under their feet.
by Dizzy1972 November 26, 2016
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people bum rushing each other over a very desirable offering at the Costco food sample station
And how's your grandma doing?
It's so sad. She's recovering from a broken hip after she got sample trampled at Costco at the Kobe beef sizzler sample station.
by Ae5Ea8 February 21, 2015
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