To have handed all control of your bodily functions over to the mischievous leprechaun in the top pocket of your shirt. He now controls you and he likes it when you slap women's asses and subsequently get thrown out of nightclubs. In other words, it means to get FUCKED UP DRUNK.
'Man, last night the Manglator truly achieved total manglation after bonging that crate of Bud... there's still particles of his projectile vomit in his hair.
by The Manglator September 21, 2004
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when u fucked up way past ur limit of drugs
damn i am stright up MANGLED off that liquor and crack
by matt the mole December 24, 2005
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when u smoke so much dope ur passed bein stoned. u can hardly see coz u hav no eyes.
oh man im propa mangled i cant see
by yo yo yo December 4, 2004
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A state once achieved by Lucious the Great. It requires tripping on acid, then slowly drinking a half a case of beer over the course of the evening, then smoking a lot of pot. It usually produces a facial expression resembling near-death or being under the influence of strong anesthetics.
That kid is mangled... he should probably go to sleep before he hurts himself...
by chester January 30, 2004
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Mangled - an over excessive sex episode.
Yo...last night I stratight mangled the broad. juices was everywhere
by Fly May 12, 2004
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to become soo drunk you piss your own pants, and hook up with your best mates mum
guy#1 Man what the fuck happened last night
guy#2yeah you puked in my dishwasher and my mum wants ur phone number.
guy#1 yeah i was mangled sorry.
by VBdrinkingBoganSonofaBithch August 6, 2008
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A strong outgoing girl who LOVES to make her friends smile. She fun to be around also very caring and kind. any guy would be lucky to have her. She is mostly attracted to guys that start with the letter "A" in there name. but is quick to snap if anyone hurts her friends you have been warned
Omg i cant wait to hang out with mangle!
by Kitten cloud February 19, 2017
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