Sexual act when a large group of males surround a girl/guy and repeatedly hit he or she in the face or head with their testicles.
Trampled by turtles is similar to bukkake, but instead or sperm, the testicles are used.
by Dirty Hot Rob August 03, 2011
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An insult typically used by NoahTrey while playing “Rust”. Often used to describe another player
Player: Tries to kill NoahTrey
Noah: *kills player* fuckin trample dyke tried to kill me
by Facebook Ziptie April 28, 2020
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A woman or young woman who is attracted to or falls for a man or men who treat her badly. She wants a healthy and happy relationship but loves the player, the bad boy, the cheater or the project boy. She knows he treats her wrong, but she can't help but like him.
He is a jerk, yet you still like him. You're a trampled flower.

Only a trampled flower could be with a guy like him.
by definer43 April 04, 2017
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