Shawn: A very caring guy with a great personality an a good heart, very loyal an knows what he wants.
Very interesting intelligent person an very independent an trust worthy
He's full of new exciting things.
He's smart has a nice body very well built.
He has perfect hair an a face of a god.
He's very pashinet an romantic.
Somebody every girl dreams of.
by snow puppies January 24, 2015
Shawn is someone who has a good heart and loves people without judging and loves his friends and family and will do anything for them. He has an amazing personality and he's goofy and weird and is true to himself no matter what people say. He is talented in many ways and utilizes his talent to it's fullest extent. People love him because of who he is on the inside.
"I love Shawn he's the best guy I've ever met he's so true to himself"
by Juice killer 247 December 21, 2017
A God among men. The type of person you always wanna have around. There's perfect and then there's Shawn
Wow, I really want to be like Shawn
by prettyflackoX December 23, 2016
S: (adj) incredible, unbelievable (beyond belief or understanding).
"At incredible speed"; "the book's plot is simply incredible"; "That is so Shawne like; it's incredible."
by busspeed February 3, 2010
Shawn is a handsome, nice, kind, intelligent, cool guy. He's friends with everyone and everyone likes him. Usually rich. Shawn's are overall pretty awesome.
Shawn is so cool

I really like Shawn
by Just a guy 01 June 15, 2016
Also known as "Vegeta - Prince of all Saiyans", Shawn is someone who has a Strong Will, is Very Prideful, Extremely Competitive, and Temperamental. Despite his past history and extremely good looks, Shawn has turned things around and has become someone who is caring and big hearted and will do anything to protect those he loves most. Shawn is definitely someone you do not want to mess with or you will feel the Full Power of this Saiyan.
Oh my look at Shawn....... "All Hail Vegeta, Prince of All Saiyans!"
by Theoneandonlyvegeta February 13, 2019
Can please any girl in the bed and is kind and caring
Shawn is so fine
by Shawn! May 10, 2015