A piece of equipment that you jump on and do many tricks on like Front Flips and Back Drops.. Etc
Guess what, I did a front flip on my trampoline yesterday!
by C.P August 17, 2006
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The actof a girl riding a guy but bouncing up and down on his cock. WARNING: If the cock slips out of place, prepare for pain.
That girl was unusually hyper last night and was doing a trampoline on me! Shit nigga!
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
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The part of your shirt that's stretched out between the gap in your boobs.
She threw a penny at my shirt, but it bounced off my trampoline.
by rejakalu November 23, 2007
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(n.) A term used to refer to an ass that a person would want to 'jump all over'.
Damn son, Beyonce's got a fine trampoline!
by Melissa J July 8, 2006
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It is slang for a girl or hoochie who likes to sleep around with many partners. She is known as a tramp and also used and bounced on much like a trampoline you buy at the store.
(sentence): "I'm feeling horney... lets go to club and find us some trampolines."

(example): Christina Aguilera, and probably your girlfriend!!
by LiL GINA February 23, 2004
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yo i just trampolined a nigga
Dat dude from m.a. trampolined dat nigga on da block
by JaeO August 18, 2008
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A bounce pad with hookers on it
What do you call a bounce pad with hookers.
A TRAMPoline!
by Dubiks March 17, 2019
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