A girl who seems extroverted when in reality she stresses over her actions. A beauty that doesn’t see herself in that light. An observer, thinker, and achiever. Once she gets feelings for someone, she won’t stop thinking about them. A scenario girl, always imagining what COULD happen. Has a disinterest towards love, but cannot help herself by experiencing it. A passion towards calm music, and tends to zone out into her thoughts a lot. Never looks back once she leaves someone without an explanation. People say she’s complicated, but she tries to not be. If you end up dating a Vivian, remember to brighten her days and she’ll do the same back. When everything is going well, don’t be surprised if she calls quits on the relationship. She’s a girl who wants fun, adventure, and satisfaction. Her expectations can be high, but that makes her build up her trust issues. If you have feelings for a girl named Vivian, tell her or else she’ll vanish into the jet black sky.

If you ever meet a Vivian, don’t let her go.
“Hey, what’s your name?”

“It’s Vivian.”

“We’ve never met before, but can we get a cup of coffee sometime?”

by trail of words May 3, 2018
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Vivian is a beautiful fun interactive and passionate girl. She knows how to have fun. She stands up for her friends and is a loving girlfriend. Vivian is the perfect girl to introduce to your family. Vivian is involved in her community. Vivian is very emotional and tends to keep her feelings hidden. Although she might be dealing with problems she puts up a lively front.
I meet Vivian at a party and she was dreamy.
by Butterfly13! January 25, 2019
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Vivian is the most amazing girl a guy could have. She is funny and silly and can always cheer you up. Her beauty is stunning, and she has the greatest traits. She isnt like anyone else and isnt afraid to speak out, yet she is also very respecful and kind. She is outgoing and her personality is unique. Vivian is an amazing girl, and if you are lucky enough to know her she will change your life.
I love you Vivian, you're amazing!
by coleeeeeee November 27, 2013
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Vivian is an amazing girl and is loved by everyone. Everyone has a crush on her and teases a Vivian and Vivian teases back. Vivian has a great sense of humor. When coming across a Vivian make sure to be kind and she will in return. A Vivian loves her friend and family Vivian also loves to do sports. If you have a Vivian as a soulmate love her with your whole heart and she will back.
“I met a beautiful girl today”
“She must be a Vivian”
by Sunshineforryouu April 20, 2019
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Vivian is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She seems very outgoing, but on the inside she is very anxious and tends to overthink everything she does. If a Vivian has a crush on you, make sure to not break her heart. She tends to get very attached when she starts to crush. If you like a girl named Vivian, be sure to tell her, otherwise she'll move on.
"Damn, that girl is spicy."
"Yeah, her name is Vivian."
"I think I'm gonna ask her out."
"No way, broski, she's mine."
by okthenyouthot June 12, 2019
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Vivian, a person with a character that you won’t find in anyone else. Vivian’s are lively and outgoing but also hold back on some of there thoughts. If they want to be heard they will be heard but if they want to be seen a certain way, they’re good at putting on a face. Vivian’s also have looks, they have a face for everything. A Vivian has a beautiful smile, one that can make anyone smile within a ten mile radius. They are strong, courageous, smart, and deserve the world. They’re easy to talk to and one of the best friends you could have. If you have a Vivian don’t let her go, she’s a special person to have and one that you’ll only come across once in your life if you’re lucky. Vivian’s have a talent of 500 people, are athletic, and can do anything they put their mind to. They are energetic and some of the best people you could have around.
“You ok?.. Ya I’m amazing I just got off the phone with Viv.”

“Vivian is the best.”

“I’m so glad I met Vivian.”
by 12Anonymous17 February 8, 2022
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