the act of bending a girl over doggie-style and having sex while eating a full four course meal on her back
Dude, I would totally picnic table the shit out of Brandon's mom!
by Jim115160 July 14, 2012
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To fornicate with an unknown member of the opposite sex in a public or inappropriate location.
"I want to picnic table some honies tonight."
by Ms. Hot Pants June 21, 2007
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A Picnic Table Shirt are shirts worn by guys at many bars & clubs around the world. The reason they are called Picnic Table Shirts is because they look very similar to how a picnic table cloth looks. Anything Plaid or Flannel qualifies as a picnic table shirt. They come in short sleeve and long sleeve button downs. Try to avoid this awful current trend.

These Guys often wear very tight skinny jeans that are tighter then anything your girlfriend would wear.
When at a club or bar hanging out with friends you will notice a group of guys wearing the same kind of shirts similar to the kind of shirts you would see on a picnic table cloth.

One of your friends will go is that Paul Bunyan? Your next friend will go I don't think they are lumberjacks. Then you'll reply that they are wearing a picnic table shirt.
by Ryder65 December 12, 2011
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when two guys are having sex with a woman, one proceeding to stick it in the vag and the other the mouth holding her up with their penis's
dude we had such hardcore sex last night that we held her up....with our dicks

Yeah dude we indoneisian picnic tabled her alllll night
by 12younger November 19, 2009
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A crew that assembles to light up a bowl and get ubber high consists of awesome college kids
Sara via text is the picnic table crew going to meet

Ryan fuck ya last time at the picnic table crew sara lost her eyes due to super highness
by jong kerr March 31, 2011
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