when someone has clearly crossed the line, knows it, and says it anyways

when saying too far, the hand gesture for "time out" is often accompanied with it
"dude i have to take the biggest shit"
*everyone goes silent*
"wow..., too far (T)"
by jamisonlabs November 19, 2008
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This usually happens when a few friends are playfully bugging their buddy.

To take a joke too far, you should keep talking after you stopped being funny, or bring the persons mom into the conversation.
nick- nico, go get some friends.
jessica- you always drink all my stuff, smelly.
nico-you guys suck, haha.
drew- ha ha, yeah! nobody likes you! not even your mom! loser!
dan- too far, drew. too far.
by udaddict September 11, 2009
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1. Something said when demanded task is of disproportionate difficulty or commitment to your current state of mind or willingness.


2. Something that is too inconvenient to achieve, perform, acquire or pursue.

3. something that is difficult to analyze, understand, explain, or quantify.

Originating in a Southern European village at the foot of the Alps in the early 2000's it's use was initially inted to define the distance of things, and the unwillingness one had to physically reach for them.

Soon this term turned into a way to describe anything that was outside the reach of their will power, understanding, physical reach, motivational reach et al.
Person1: "Could you go on wikipedia and check what year TMNT came out?"

Person2(on computer): "too far."

Person1: "Do you ever think about how big the universe really is, and all the different possible human planets inhabiting all the galaxies? People like you and I thinking the exact same thing, and wondering if WE exist..."

Person2: "Too far."

Person1: "Pass me the chips and hummus"

Person2: "Too far."

Person1: "I need to get up real early tomorrow for a job interview, could you keep the music down tonight?"

Person2: "Too far"
by Ganja Joe March 31, 2011
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When someone takes something too far, by either saying something that is too far, continuing a joke after it is finished, or taking a joke too far.
Brad: (to wheelchair girl) LEARN HOW TO WALK!!
Brad: (to us) It's funny coz she cant walk.
Everyone: Too far.

Everyone: Let's tutorial Brad!
Brad: Haha I will fight back!
Everyone: Hehe.
Everyone grabs Brad.
Brad: (punches Aiden in the mouth)
Everyone: Too far.

Everyone is chucking sticks at each other and whipping each other with them
Brad: (spits on one and whips me)
Everyone: Too far.

by Schuface December 14, 2007
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When a person has been so absorbed in what he/she believes to be true, that no amount of reality, logical or factual explanation or actual proof, to show them that their believe is 100% wrong, will convince him/her otherwise.

The acronym "tfg" is mostly used. (Especially used in political discussions)
Your logical explanation of the facts are falling on deaf ears, because he is too far gone!
by Mike585421 December 2, 2018
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This basically is a synonym for “a long shot”, or an overly ambitious plan.

The story behind it is that during WWII in 1944, the Allies came up with a plan (Operation Market Garden) to use paratroopers to secure three bridges over three key rivers behind enemy lines in The Netherlands. British forces would then rush forward across all three bridges to relieve the paratroopers, and later push into Germany itself.

It was an extremely ambitious plan. A British commander is alleged to have said “I think we may be going a bridge too far”, and he was right. The American airborne divisions were able to capture the first two bridges, and were relieved. But the British and Polish paratroopers at the third and final bridge at Arnhem were basically wiped out before tanks of the Irish Guards could punch through to reach them. Market Garden was an operational failure.
Person 1: “I’m going to try to finish the essay the morning it’s due.”
Person 2: “I think that’s a bridge too far buddy...”

“I think we may be going a bridge too far.”
— Lieutenant-General Frederick Browning
by A solid cube of tungsten October 28, 2018
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When a single individual is beyond the point of sobriety that he/she is no longer on this planet
“Jimmy can’t have another drink, he is just too far gone

“I tried to smoke another bowl, but I was too far gone”
by Theweirdestusername November 17, 2018
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