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Caleb's are usually tall. They may seem quiet but around friends they are loud. They have a cute laugh. Everybody likes Caleb, but his heart is set on one special girl. Caleb probably doesn't know the girl very well. Caleb's usually have nice ab's and tan nicely in the summer. Caleb is a nice guy to be around. He will do anything to impress his girl. He has the sweetest smile, and dazzling eyes.
Popular Girl: Aw he's so cute

Popular Girl 2: I know.

Girl: Yeah but he's a Caleb, He probably won't go for you guys.
by xo maybe so? November 21, 2012
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Someone that you love to hang out with and someone who you need. A guy who you come to depend on and trust.He accepts all people for who they are and has a secret compassion for them. Has a heart of gold and hesistates to show it. Caleb has the funniest sense of humour & always speaks his mind even when it may be inappropriate. He treats his girl well & would do anything to make her happy even if it means changing hiself. His girl can only think 'Is he for real? Is he gonna hurt me? Am I with the right guy?'. he's almost too good to be true. he's easy to love &
makes a girl feel beautiful, special,powerful,worthy and a better person. he's the kinda guy any person would be lucky to have in their life. so if you meet this guy caleb.. stick with him, cause he'll make life even more sweeter.
caleb is dutch for: the best boyfriend imaginable <3

I love him with all i have
by your hot girlfriend February 04, 2010
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A very sweet and Handsome guy but who is also very shy. Who is extremely good at mostly anything he does and won't admit it. They need help to open up to people and are only open to people they are close to. Caleb's are very sweet and just a hug from them will make your day 1000 times better. They will always be by your side and there to cheer you up when you need
Girl: my mom mom Just died.

Caleb: it's okay I'm here for you.
by Girlfriend of a Caleb October 06, 2013
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A boy that is the sweetest guy in the world and is very smart, but he is very shy. He doesn't express his feelings to many people, just his closest friends. He is also loved by everyone including girls. He will always put a smile on your face and brighten your day. He is also very handsome and tall, and has amazing blue eyes. Everyone wants to be his friend and girls always want to be with him.
person 1: Did you hear Caleb got 100% on the math and science test?
person 2: Ya! that's one of the many things I love about him!
by JBiebsLover August 29, 2011
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Incredible, smart, talented, and attractive guy that will treat any girl who gives him the time of day well. However he is loyal and is there for you when ever you need him.
Salley: My dog just died!

Caleb: That is terrible! do you wanna come over and talk?
by harrypotterishotter September 05, 2011
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to have a sexy body. to have strong biceps, and ripped abs, and a nice ass
look at that caleb lifting 500 lbs!!

thats guy is a total caleb!

Man, that caleb is a total hottie!

by braves06 June 01, 2006
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Caleb - 
A guy who has brown hair & brown eyes . A guy who's smile is so amazing , your heart melts everytime you see it . Usually the skater type , comes off as a player but actually isn't . Sweet and caring , makes you smile when you're down . The guy that everyone knows & likes . An George - washington- honest guy . 
Likes to throw paper balls at his partner during language arts. Hair usually bounces when he runs . 
An overall amazing guy .
*caleb chucks a paper ball at his neighbor *
girl starts to laugh uncontrollably .
by J<3(: June 16, 2011
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