Some one with a massive schlong and not afraid to say it
Caleb has a horse cock
by Raspberry Frog July 28, 2020
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Someone that you love to hang out with and someone who you need. A guy who you come to depend on and trust.He accepts all people for who they are and has a secret compassion for them. Has a heart of gold and hesistates to show it. Caleb has the funniest sense of humour & always speaks his mind even when it may be inappropriate. He treats his girl well & would do anything to make her happy even if it means changing hiself. His girl can only think 'Is he for real? Is he gonna hurt me? Am I with the right guy?'. he's almost too good to be true. he's easy to love &
makes a girl feel beautiful, special,powerful,worthy and a better person. he's the kinda guy any person would be lucky to have in their life. so if you meet this guy caleb.. stick with him, cause he'll make life even more sweeter.
caleb is dutch for: the best boyfriend imaginable <3

I love him with all i have
by your hot girlfriend February 4, 2010
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Calebs are usually good at most things. They are very athletic and smart. Caleb can be very stubborn at times but he is mostly sweet. He also has a great sense of humor. Everyone likes Caleb but there’s one girl that he’s attracted to. He usually has blonde or a light brown hair with blue, green, or gray eyes
Look at that smart and athletic man he must be named Caleb”❤️❤️
by’ May 30, 2018
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A very kind person that is smart and enjoys music. Calebs often are calm and quiet on the outside but thinking quickly and very crazy on the inside.
Hey, Ella! Have you seen that new kid? He is sooo a Caleb!
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The kind of guy that will rip your small intestine out with his mighty cock and keep it as his fleshlight if you get near his food, he has a James Earl Jones appearance and is the master of slaying pussy with his massive dragon like cock. He can last longer in bed than Hellen Keller could make it through a corn maze and he can basically get away with anything because people always think he is James Earl Jones. You wan't him on your side or you face the possibility of him breaking your jaw from slapping your face with his monstrous dong.
Person1:"woah, is that james earl Jones?"
Person2:"nah that's caleb."
Person3:"you guys talking about caleb?"
Person3:"have you seen his cock i didn't even know a cock could be that big."
Person2:"I know that thing should be hanging from a deli."
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A boy who will make you fall in love with him. And when you breakup. You cry your eyes out for months over him. And still after a year can't get over it. He was your first love. Hes also very great singer,dancer and can also write songs. He's just to good to be true. He's still s good friend though.
by emma•smith December 20, 2016
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Caleb’s are tall, have a very kind heart and will always be there for you no matter what. Caleb’s can be shy but always have a friendly smile and kind eyes. If you ever meet a Caleb KEEP HIM IN YOUR LIFE, trust me they will change your life in a good way. If you are in a relationship with him he will always give you hugs and always gets emotional when he’s not around you. They are very talented Caleb’s are and really good at a lot of things but are very humble. Caleb’s can get emotional when they think they have done stuff wrong when they really haven’t. Caleb’s are just sweethearts
Caleb’s are amazing
by Some.girl September 23, 2018
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