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Combination of "hygiene" and "gymnastics" describing the simultaneous use of feet, hands and elbows -- usually with a paper towel that you've used to dry off your hands -- to avoid touching any surface of a nasty public bathroom. One performs these feats of dexterity, for example, when trying to leave a gas station bathroom without touching any part of your skin to any surface.
Which nation will take gold in Hygimnastics in Tokyo in 2020?
by Ae5Ea8 November 14, 2016
When your cat spends the night in your closet by accident because you inadvertently closed the door while the cat was in the closet. Usually there is no scratching or meowing. The next morning the cat pops out, as if nothing was amiss.
Fluffy! Sorry about the closet duty!
by Ae5Ea8 March 20, 2015
1. A fake bromance on a reality show just to gain the confidence of the other person.

2. A bromance that turns out badly...where two guys start off liking each as bros, but end up thinking that the other is a jerk.
I ended my brauxmance. The guy who though was cool was actually a brouche bag.
by Ae5Ea8 March 31, 2015
Website ads featuring nasty skin conditions. The ads are usually — but not always — on medical information sites like WebMD. This is not in any way to cast in a bad light the people who have the conditions, because anyone is susceptible to viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, as well as cancer. But most people, including those with the condition, would agree that it's kind of hard to look at.
How do I turn off this horrible scabvertisement?
by Ae5Ea8 May 13, 2015
Feeling lost in Costco or another big box store when you can't find what you're looking for because they've changed up the location of the products on the shelves.

There is currently no FDA-approved drug to treat mayonnaisia, but intravenous Cheez Whiz is currently in clinical trials.
Daggumit. Where's the 50 gallon drum of mayonnaise?
by Ae5Ea8 March 10, 2017
the obligatory search and seizure of your Costco merchandise by "Burch," your friendly Costco receipt-checker (a.k.a. the "Costcop")

Burch is a fine fellow but Burch and seizure is downright silly. Burch performs a ridiculous job with aplomb.
A pending case before the United States Supreme Court will determine whether Costco's Burch and seizure practice is unconstitutional.
by Ae5Ea8 June 7, 2017
When you get cropdusted by your dog. This is when a dog farts and walks by your face. Done by a human, it is called cropdusting. Done by a dog, well, you've been dogdusted, dear fellow, by humankinds's best friend.
When I was five years old, I was dogdusted by my dog, Rufus, as I was taking a bite of beef stroganoff at the kitchen table.

Needless to say, I developed a distaste for beef stroganoff.
by Ae5Ea8 May 22, 2016